December 21, 2020

Winter Veil in Tiragarde Sound

And soon it was time for the annual Winter Veil celebration. Order of the Lost decided to gather together in Tiragarde Sound, Kul Tiras having recently been spending quite a bit of time there before heading to the Shadowlands. And it was a joined opinion of a few guild members that the Winter Veil celebration should be had where there is snow!

Brewmaster Goasse took care of the thirsty guild members and provided a huge keg! Corellan, Elenyah, Ymkje, Shakkuu, Grieveris and Hanthelia were happy to try some ale. Hanthy had also brought some snowcakes for the guild to eat, so drink and food were all set. Losties encountered a tired druid who rested a while at their campfire, but didn’t want to participate in the celebration.

Another thing a good Winter Veil celebration requires is presents. And there were plenty of those! Imadrillan was not able to join his friends, but had sent everyone a gift in advance. Shakkuu was even wearing the candle hat when the celebration started! Guild leader Hanthelia brought nicely wrapped presents and everyone tried theirs immediately. Her tailor sister had made pink party hats for the guild!

Elenyah’s presents to the guild were handed out by a robot. How handy! Grievis on the other hand gave his friends some potions as gifts, but unfortunately, not being able to see, he didn’t know what they contained… Losties drank the potions anyway, assuming they were ale or wine. The taste was not too bad. Hopefully there are no negative side effects later.

The guild leader had the traditional speech late in the evening, but it was not quite as memorable as the lovely Winter Veil song performed by Ymkje and Goasse. Ymkje sang and played the harp whereas Goasse accompanied her with the pan flute and a drum. Such a marvellous performance! All the Losties were very impressed. After the song and the speech, the friends were starting to feel the chill of the winter evening. Goasse and Grieveris knew what would help: a nice cup of tea. Lilura joined the party just in time for it!

What a great evening! Order of the Lost were able to catch up and share stories of their first experiences in the Shadowlands. They decided to see each other again soon and maybe do some fishing next time. Happy Winter Veil all!

December 1, 2020

We Are Back!

After a while of resting and relaxation, Order of the Lost is getting its swords sharpened and heading to the Shadowlands!

Hanthelia, Grieveris, Shakkuu, Irrula, Elenyah, Goasse and Corellan met each other in Bastion to have a quick catch up before heading for adventures!

Let us meet again soon!

January 3, 2019

Happy New Year!

The members of the Order of the Lost have been quite busy in the recent months. Sadly, it was not possible to get together to celebrate the feast of Winter Veil.

Season’s Greetings!

The leaders of the guild wish all the Losties a happy start to the new year! Let’s meet up soon!

October 25, 2018

Stories at Hallow’s End

Hallow’s End was here and the Order of the Lost decided to celebrate together. Shakkuu, Hanthelia and Shinvaraa met each other in Fallhaven, Drustvar. Shin brought a friend with her called Faolynn, who was kindly welcomed to join the group.

Steps to the Fishing Shack

Hanthy had found a small fishing spot at the edge of the village, which seemed to have the right kind of atmosphere for Hallow’s End. The friends wore masks for the occasion (and Shakkuu even a dress, since his mask portrayed a Dwarven lady). While fishing, Shakkuu suggested that they’d all share their scariest stories to each other to get to know one another better. Executa joined the Losties just in time to listen to the stories and share her own!

Fishing in Fallhaven

The stories contained sad fates of good people, sibling rivalry taken to the extremes, worry for the safety of a loved one and potential freezing to death (but then equally scary rescue by an amorous Tauren bull). Plenty of fish and rusty items were fished out during the course of the evening.

Masks by the Pier

Happy Hallow’s End to all!

September 18, 2018

Fishing in Tiragarde Sound

It was time for another fishing trip and this time guild leader Hanthelia had found some colder waters. The friends met near Kennings Lodge and made their way to the ice cold river.

Incoming Miners on the Bridge

Shakkuu, Nymkje and Gauke were the first ones to arrive and while Gauke went to mine a nearby node, he happened to run into a friend of the guild, Effx. The engineer was invited to spend the evening with the Losties. Soon the group was joined by Qiaoo and Talhaeara, who had followed the Pandaren to join his friends on a fishing trip. Losties are always eager to meet new people, so she was warmly welcomed.

New Friends

The evening passed quickly while the friends were catching each other up on their latest adventures. Hanthy was the most active fisherman of the evening, but the catch wasn’t much. She mostly fished up old boots and other items of clothing. At least they are out of the river now!

Two Campfires

The others gathered by the campfire. Or campfires, actually, as Shakkuu managed to make an interesting green campfire. He had stolen (!) a robe from a troll and the campfire was the result of that theft. The evening ended with rain and the new friends made their separate ways home.

September 4, 2018

Preparation for the Trial of Style

Trial of Style was just around the corner when the Losties decided to visit Canal Tailor and Fit Shop together. Hantitia was serving the customers when Shakkuu, Nymkje and Gauke came to hang out.

Customers and Recruits

One of the customers, a night elf lady called Executa noticed the friends and wanted to learn more about Order of the Lost. Shakkuu was happy to tell her all about the guild and so Losties received a new recruit!

New Recruit

And thanks to Titi, the new recruit received a whole new wardrobe for the Trial of Style!

August 27, 2018

Recruiting in Boralus

Order of the Lost had made its way to Kul Tiras among the other adventurers of the Alliance. Hanthelia and Shakkuu felt that it was a good time to recruit new guild members and left posters all around the city of Boralus. This time the recruiting efforts were successful, as they met several people while fishing near Tradewinds market.

Recruiting by the Campfire

Nymkje joined Hanthy and Shakkuu in meeting the potential recruits. First one to find the Order of the Lost was a warrior called Shinvaraa. She seemed like a good fighter and an excellent addition to the guild. The group was soon joined by Claxxess and Qiaoo who appeared to be just as experienced in combat. They all seemed like nice people as well. Shakkuu was particularly impressed by Claxxess, as the lady paladin shared some ale with the others. Lastly, the group was joined by their old acquaintance, Effx, but he was not looking for a guild to join.

Ale and Refreshments

Losties told the others about their guild, what they stand for and the things they do together. Shinvaraa, Claxxess and Qiaoo liked what they heard and were invited to join Order of the Lost. Welcome new recruits!

May 10, 2018

At the Brawler’s Guild

Grieveris invited Lost Order to meet him at the Brawler’s Guild in Stormwind city. Rommert, Hanthelia and Nymkje had never been there before, but Vendath had. When the new visitors arrived, Venny was in the middle of a fierce fight! Luckily, she was not harmed.

Fighting Grieveris

Grievis paid some money to the bouncer and the group was able to move to the VIP area that had much better view of the fights. The demon hunter could not resist stepping into the arena himself and showing his friends how it’s done! Losties cheered Grievis on and he was victorious.

Winterspring Cub

Hanthelia had brought a little friend with her – a winterspring cub. She had bought the little kitty in Winterspring and was training it to become a mount. After fighting, the friends moved to the bar and Grievis told them a legend he had learned.

At the Bar

Many tens of thousands of years ago, there had been a Highbourne hero with two daughters, twins known for their dancing skills. Two swords had been made for the hero – one blessed by Elune, the other touched by magic, and after his retirement, his daughters started using the swords. Grievis wanted to find the swords and had managed to find a couple of leads. Losties were eager to take part in the treasure hunt!

April 6, 2018

To Find Oneself

Order of the Lost had not seen their old friend, Effex, in a while, so they were pleased to hear from him. Effy invited the guild to Dalaran to discuss an unusual request he had for them. They needed to find Effex…

The First Effex

Hanthelia, Shakkuu, Elenyah, Vraan and Gauke were happy to help Effex. Apparently, his apprentice (who also went by the name Effex) had possibly gone insane and disappeared. Effy warned them about the other Effy’s big dog and that he liked to drink. The apprentice had last been seen running towards the direction of Hillbrad Foothills, so the friends made their way there. While scouting the southern beach, a strange murloc appeared. This murloc could talk the common language, so Losties were immediately suspicious. The murloc seemed to be drunk and jumping away, but the friends pursued it anyway.

The Murloc

The disguise was soon lost and the creature seemed to be a void elf instead. After some further conversation, it was quite clear the elf was indeed the other Effex. The poor drunkard had lost his swords, boots and pants… He seemed to be upset about the void elves joining the Alliance due to past turmoil. Losties did their best in trying to convince him that the Alliance was not like that anymore and that especially the guild was just trying to help people.

The Second Effex

To demonstrate their arguments, Losties went back to the beach to look for the elf’s lost items. They found the swords and the boots! After sitting on the beach with him and offering him some cheap beer, they finally got through to him. As they couldn’t find his pants, the other Effex agreed to visit Stormwind and Hantitia’s tailoring shop. There may be some hope for him yet!

March 13, 2018

Honouring the Elders in Darnassus

Lunar Festival was here again and the Order of the Lost celebrated it together as was their tradition. Guild leader Hanthelia invited everyone to Darnassus.

Honouring Elders in Darnassus

Grieveris, Vraan, Gauke and Vendath joined Hanthy for some chocolate cake and wine in the garden. The ladies all wore pretty dresses, and Hanthy and Venny also had flower crowns that seemed to be the hit of the festival for this year. Grievis, on the other hand, was bored of the whole event. He had experienced it already so many times as a druid and hated the fuss the druids made over it.

Cake and Wine

The friends had a lovely evening catching up. The recent events were discussed concerning Argus and the new allies. Until next year!