About Order of the Lost

Order of the Lost is a guild on EU-Argent Dawn Alliance, ideal for casual RP’ers and players who want a friendly social network within WoW. Anyone who wishes to enjoy relaxed RP combined with instancing (low levels and heroics), trading and questing in a social atmosphere is welcome.


Ishnu-alah! I’m Hanthelia Eagleheart and I’m the guild leader of the Order of the Lost. It is my responsibility to let everyone know what our guild is about and make sure we have the right contacts and allies. In my position as an ambassador for Alliance, I have come to realise the importance of working together. Whether it’s a fierce battle or a social gathering, everyone is needed. Order of the Lost is a group of friends wanting to help the common people. We want to offer our fellow Alliance members a place in the world and a chance to do some good. Between battle, we get together regularly and share our joy and pain. We take care of our own and together aim for a brighter future.

Guild Aims:

Order of the Lost aims to be a social and friendly RP guild, actively participating in RP events (Guild and server-wide) and simply having fun!

RP Aims – We hold regular RP events within the guild (as well as the times spent holding up the Canal Tailor and Fit shop in Stormwind, run by Hantitia) and as such aim to be highly active within the roleplaying community. Future plans involve recruitment drives in Stormwind (and possibly other capitals) and new storylines revolving around old characters.

PvE Aims – We run daily heroics with our max level characters, as well as the occasional leveling instance. Our PvE aims are to tackle the new 5-man content as it comes and hopefully (as in WotLK) progress to small-scale (and casual!) 10 man raiding. We are not a hardcore raiding guild, but some of our members do enjoy tackling tougher content with a selection of organized PuGs.

PvP Aims – Order of the Lost have no specific PvP aims. However, we do have a few PvPers should you be looking for a friendly arena team to join for fun or a couple of buddies to join a Battleground with.

Horde Alts – Lots of members of Order of the Lost also have Horde Alts on Argent Dawn. Looking for a Horde instance buddy? Feel free to ask!

Shakku PictureHello all! I am Shakku Ravenrose, the retired guild master of Order of the Lost. I am a Paladin, but don’t let that fool you, I love having a stiff drink and a soft woman just like any other guy. Why follow the Light then, you might ask. Well, I also love helping others, I’m a bit strange like that. And that brings me neatly to Order of the Lost and what it’s all about. The guild is a gathering of like-minded fools who think devoting your life to finding lost kittens and fighting big monsters is a good idea. However, this gives our lives a purpose beyond boozing in a bar (not that we don’t do that as well, of course). No, we spend the day helping others and – after patching ourselves up – the night with each other, be it drinking in a cheap bar or fishing and having a picnic on a beautiful beach. Simple life, you might say, but ever so satisfying. If you think this might bring new purpose to your life as well, I have only one thing to say: welcome to Order of the Lost. We can always use new friends and cannon-fodder.

Guild Rules:

Respect the Server’s Rules

/say, /emote and /yell should always be IC (in character). Party/Raid chat is as you choose. Naming conventions should also be followed. Obey the Server’s rules and you won’t go far wrong. (Refer to http://www.wow-europe.com/en/policy/roleplaying.html for more information on Roleplaying policy)

Respect Other Players

Other players want to enjoy the game too! Respect them and their in-game time. Actions of Harrasment are not only against our direction but also in violation of Server rules. These may include (but are not limited to) rude emotes, verbal harrasment, ninja looting or scamming/conning. Anything that reflects poorly on Order of the Lost is not permitted. (“Have fun, but don’t annoy or disturb people”)

EffexGreetings, Friends. Call me Effex. We live in a world ravaged by war and rocked by destruction, constantly under threat to both ourselves and our homes. Sometimes it becomes necessary, even for the most peaceful person, to defend themselves, their friends or their families. As Combat Officer it is my job to ensure, whenever Order of the Lost joins the frontlines or defends one of our beloved cities, that all ‘Losties’ are armed and prepared for the battles ahead, so that they can come home (more or less) intact.


Order of the Lost host guild and server wide RP events

As well as take on monstrous dragons and impossible challenges!

Join the fun and (s)laughter today!

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