May 12, 2021

Water Lily Fishing

It was time to go fishing again! This time guild leader Hanthelia invited her friends to Ardenweald. She had found a pretty pond to fish from. Goasse, Ymkje, Shakkuu, Imadrillan and Grieveris joined the night elf and positioned themselves on a large water lily or near it.

The friends caught up and the conversation turned to the Shadowlands again. The guildies were still trying to contemplate the meaning of it all and how existing for eons would impact on the people in the Shadowlands. Grievis felt the fairies should not be bothering him with their games! Ima and Shakkie felt that there was something fishy going on… Time will tell.

During the course of the evening, Losties met a couple of new people: Chrystoph and Nymethyl. Hanthy told them about the guild and its upcoming 15th birthday. Nymmy wasn’t interested in fishing, but sat and read a book. When asked about it, she explained it was not that interesting, but there was not much else to read. Hanthy jumped to the chance to give the fellow night elf one of her romance novels and it seemed to be well received.

Grievis had guessed that Nymethyl’s book was dwarven poetry. His friends did not let that pass without an explanation. Apparently, the demon hunter liked dwarven poems! He was kind enough to recite a poem too. Only Shakkuu enjoyed it.