February 9, 2021

Fishing in Bastion

Guild leader Hanthelia decided it was time to start fishing in the Shadowlands and invited the Order of the Lost to Bastion. She had found a nice quiet place near some turtles. Goasse, Irrula, Shakkuu, Grieveris and also later Tuulikki joined her.

It was a nice evening of catching up and catching fish. Or well, not that much fish. Losties didn’t have much experience from fishing in the Shadowlands and it showed. Many old fishing poles, earrings and boots were fished up! Naturally, it’s good that the trash was collected from the river, but there could have been more fish for dinner purposes. The friends figured that perhaps the nearby turtles were to blame…

In the end, the Losties got hungry and had to get back to get some dinner!