December 27, 2021

Winter Greetings

The traditional Winter Veil gathering of Order of the Lost was arranged in Thorim’s Peak, Stormheim. Guild leader Hanthelia brought a chocolate cake for the guild and the others took care of the ale offering.

Goasse, Irrula, Corellan, Elenyah and Shakku were mostly dressed for the occasion, but Imadrillan brought a chest with seasonal outfits and even his friends were happy to try them on. Shakku and Irrula had baby murlocs in their backpacks, which was a conversation starter. Apparently, they had found the pets when they had been just an egg or very young, so there was little chance of them eating their owners.

Hanthy asked everyone what they had been up to lately and the discussion was lively. Quite many of the Losties had been taking it easy recently, some even hibernating. Ele, however, had been working hard to try and get on the good graces of Death’s Advance in Korthia. All the work for an outfit! Gogo had suffered from a curious short term amnesia, but it didn’t seem too dangerous. The Losties offered their help if needed!

The evening ended with the guild leader’s speech and passing around the lovely cupcakes that her sister had baked for the guild. There were fireworks and Winter Veil wishes and then the friends went their separate ways. Happy Winter Veil!