October 10, 2021

Boozy Brewfest

Shakku’s favourite holiday was here: Brewfest. The slightly alcoholic paladin invited his friends from Order of the Lost to join him in the festivities outside of Ironforge. Grieveris, Elenyah, Guldurn and Hanthelia were happy to tag along.

Losties started with a sausage eating competition, which was new to the festival this year. Gul, Shakku, Hanthy and Grievis competed against each other while Elenyah cheered them on. In the end, guild leader Hanthelia was victorious and the friends went to buy some beer from the different vendors at the festival.

There were quite interesting drinks for sale, both alcoholic and non-alcoholic. The friends bought each other drinks and sampled on them. Gul was especially generous in purchasing drinks for his friends! After a while of walking around the festival, Losties decided to move somewhere further away to enjoy their loot.

The friends build a campfire to stay warm and enjoyed some ale to maximize the effect. Shakku wanted to play a drinking game and his friends took part in it. On their turn, a person would make a statement of something they had never done and in case the others had done it, they had to drink. It was good fun! The Losties were quite drunk at the end of the night.