September 3, 2021

Stylish Losties

Trial of Style arrived and the Order of the Lost decided to celebrate in the form of a fashion show. Even though Canal Tailor and Fit Shop was the location, Losties were not wearing Hantitia’s outfits this time!

Hanthelia, Shakkuu, Imadrillan, Monira and the new recruit, Guldurn, had picked their favourite outfits to show to the city of Stormwind. The friends presented fierce sets of armour, casual robes and lovely dresses. By request from the guild leader, a big Kul Tiran called Bearwell performed as the master of ceremony.

There was a small crowd in front of the tailoring shop that seemed to enjoy the show. The models received many applauds and Bearwell’s “interesting” commentry was noted with laughs. At the end, the Losties took a bow together and had some cake in the shop while discussing the show.

Since the night was young and Monira had never been to the tavern in the Dwarven District, the friends decided to go there for a drink. After all, they were dressed in their best outfits! The tavern was quite busy, but there was a free table.

The friends bought each other drinks, mostly with alcohol. Monira didn’t want to get intoxicated, so she received some Moonberry juice. The evening was spent discussing the recent adventures of the guild members and getting to know each other better.