July 18, 2021

Wild Midsummer

Imadrillan invited the guild to the Midsummer Fire Festival. Attending the festival had been one of the first celebrations in which the Order of the Lost participated. Shakkuu, Goasse, Grieveris, Ymkje, Hanthelia and Gregoir were happy to meet Imadrillan in Stormwind City. The druid had also invited a new friend, Monira to join the guild at the festival.

There were plenty of people at the festival and the lecherous paladin started a conversation with a night elf walking by. She did not join the guild, though, but Ima’s new friend did! Losties took part in the festival attractions and purchased some fiery drinks. Hanthy danced around the pole, which made her dizzy and she had to sit down. Once the others were ready, the friends flew to Westfall to get away from the big crowd and have some drinks together.

Losties started their own bonfire in Westfall and Goasse shared some of his ale with his friends. The friends danced a little and got to know Monira and her imp better. The conversation was very deep at times. But the fiery festival brew turned out to be quite strong… The ones who had bought it from the festival were soon very drunk and breathing fire!

Luckily the weather was quite nice and warm in Westfall, so at the end of the night, even the drunk paladin deciding to stay and sleep it off in the nearby bush should be fine. Happy midsummer all!