June 20, 2021

Effex Raving Mad

Grieveris invited the guild to Stormwind City to help him out. He had apparently accepted a quest that he was not able to or willing to complete. His friends were happy to support him in his time of need.

Goasse, Ymkje, Elenyah, Imadrillan, Hanthelia and Shakkuu met the demon hunter and received very little information on the actual mission he had failed… But they did learn who to contact, kind of. The person who had sent him on his mission was a void elf lady and soon to be passing them. So the Losties rushed to catch her and on her initiative, talked a bit further away from city folk. They were soon joined by the guild’s newest recruit, GrĂ©goir.

The friends found out that Grievis had been contracted to find a fellow night elf and to bring him to the void elf. Simple enough and he had found the elf, but failed to bring him back. Neither gave a name, but the void elf did give the friends the whereabouts of the person who had apparently been very upset about the burning of Teldrassil, which had driven him into a frezy… Who can blame him! Ima was a little concerned for the motives of the void elf (whose name the friends didn’t even find out!) and Shakkuu thought she was married to the night elf. Losties did find out that the night elf was wearing purple armour, was wielding scythes and located in Revendreth.

And that was clearly enough for the Order of the Lost. They started their search near the Old Gate and soon Hanthy tracked the people nearby. There was one night elf who was killing the beasts of Revendreth and when they approached, they noticed he fit the description. The elf greeted Hanthy by her name, but she didn’t immediately recognize him… The Losties started persuading the night elf to return to Stormwind with them, but he refused. They tried to convince him that they all wanted the same thing, to help people and save the souls of the night elves killed in Teldrassil, but he didn’t listen. He seemed to know the ways of the guild and wanted to do things differently. When he removed his mask, the friends noticed it was Effex! But still, they could not change his mind and had to return to Stormwind City empty-handed.

June 5, 2021

Saving a Mushroom

Order of the Lost joined the annual Glowcap Festival in Zangarmarsh. Shakkuu, Imadrillan, Irrula and Hanthelia gathered together in Sporeggar to join the festival of the sporelings.

Shakkuu was kind enough to bring a cake! His friends were pleased and the gathering also caught the attention of a fellow traveller – Evidian. The warrior approached the group and asked to join them. Losties are always happy to meet new people and quickly, the new friend became a new recruit!

The festival was not all fun and cake, though. The friends also tried to help the sporelings keep their great mushroom, Fshoo, alive. After a few attempts, they were getting more and more successful, but eventually the mushroom always withered.