February 21, 2021

Lunarly Love Festival

There was talk of a beast being awoken in Moonglade… Order of the Lost decided to investigate, so the festivities would not be interrupted. Shakkuu, Imadrillan, Irrula, Grieveris and Hanthelia gathered near the lake and went looking for a monster.

It didn’t take long until they found it. It was a mean-looking hound with several heads, but Losties were ready and stood together. Others also joined the great battle and after a while, the hound fell. The celebration of Lunar and Love festivals could go uninterrupted again.

After the victorious battle, the friends felt like some tea and cake. There were two festivals to celebrate, after all. Ima found a nice spot in the forest for Losties to set up camp. Hanthy switched into something more festive while Grievis brewed some tea. The guild leader had also brought some chocolate cake for everyone to share.

The evening was lively. Losties discussed their covenants and the Maw, but soon the conversation turned to their love lives. Hanthy reminisced about her wedding in Moonglade. Also Ima and Shakkuu had been present. Unfortunately, no one had anything more recent to share with their friends. Shakkuu found it tricky to meet new people, since the people in the Shadowlands were dead… We’ll have to wait and see how the situation develops!

February 9, 2021

Fishing in Bastion

Guild leader Hanthelia decided it was time to start fishing in the Shadowlands and invited the Order of the Lost to Bastion. She had found a nice quiet place near some turtles. Goasse, Irrula, Shakkuu, Grieveris and also later Tuulikki joined her.

It was a nice evening of catching up and catching fish. Or well, not that much fish. Losties didn’t have much experience from fishing in the Shadowlands and it showed. Many old fishing poles, earrings and boots were fished up! Naturally, it’s good that the trash was collected from the river, but there could have been more fish for dinner purposes. The friends figured that perhaps the nearby turtles were to blame…

In the end, the Losties got hungry and had to get back to get some dinner!