December 21, 2020

Winter Veil in Tiragarde Sound

And soon it was time for the annual Winter Veil celebration. Order of the Lost decided to gather together in Tiragarde Sound, Kul Tiras having recently been spending quite a bit of time there before heading to the Shadowlands. And it was a joined opinion of a few guild members that the Winter Veil celebration should be had where there is snow!

Brewmaster Goasse took care of the thirsty guild members and provided a huge keg! Corellan, Elenyah, Ymkje, Shakkuu, Grieveris and Hanthelia were happy to try some ale. Hanthy had also brought some snowcakes for the guild to eat, so drink and food were all set. Losties encountered a tired druid who rested a while at their campfire, but didn’t want to participate in the celebration.

Another thing a good Winter Veil celebration requires is presents. And there were plenty of those! Imadrillan was not able to join his friends, but had sent everyone a gift in advance. Shakkuu was even wearing the candle hat when the celebration started! Guild leader Hanthelia brought nicely wrapped presents and everyone tried theirs immediately. Her tailor sister had made pink party hats for the guild!

Elenyah’s presents to the guild were handed out by a robot. How handy! Grievis on the other hand gave his friends some potions as gifts, but unfortunately, not being able to see, he didn’t know what they contained… Losties drank the potions anyway, assuming they were ale or wine. The taste was not too bad. Hopefully there are no negative side effects later.

The guild leader had the traditional speech late in the evening, but it was not quite as memorable as the lovely Winter Veil song performed by Ymkje and Goasse. Ymkje sang and played the harp whereas Goasse accompanied her with the pan flute and a drum. Such a marvellous performance! All the Losties were very impressed. After the song and the speech, the friends were starting to feel the chill of the winter evening. Goasse and Grieveris knew what would help: a nice cup of tea. Lilura joined the party just in time for it!

What a great evening! Order of the Lost were able to catch up and share stories of their first experiences in the Shadowlands. They decided to see each other again soon and maybe do some fishing next time. Happy Winter Veil all!

December 1, 2020

We Are Back!

After a while of resting and relaxation, Order of the Lost is getting its swords sharpened and heading to the Shadowlands!

Hanthelia, Grieveris, Shakkuu, Irrula, Elenyah, Goasse and Corellan met each other in Bastion to have a quick catch up before heading for adventures!

Let us meet again soon!