October 25, 2018

Stories at Hallow’s End

Hallow’s End was here and the Order of the Lost decided to celebrate together. Shakkuu, Hanthelia and Shinvaraa met each other in Fallhaven, Drustvar. Shin brought a friend with her called Faolynn, who was kindly welcomed to join the group.

Steps to the Fishing Shack

Hanthy had found a small fishing spot at the edge of the village, which seemed to have the right kind of atmosphere for Hallow’s End. The friends wore masks for the occasion (and Shakkuu even a dress, since his mask portrayed a Dwarven lady). While fishing, Shakkuu suggested that they’d all share their scariest stories to each other to get to know one another better. Executa joined the Losties just in time to listen to the stories and share her own!

Fishing in Fallhaven

The stories contained sad fates of good people, sibling rivalry taken to the extremes, worry for the safety of a loved one and potential freezing to death (but then equally scary rescue by an amorous Tauren bull). Plenty of fish and rusty items were fished out during the course of the evening.

Masks by the Pier

Happy Hallow’s End to all!