September 18, 2018

Fishing in Tiragarde Sound

It was time for another fishing trip and this time guild leader Hanthelia had found some colder waters. The friends met near Kennings Lodge and made their way to the ice cold river.

Incoming Miners on the Bridge

Shakkuu, Nymkje and Gauke were the first ones to arrive and while Gauke went to mine a nearby node, he happened to run into a friend of the guild, Effx. The engineer was invited to spend the evening with the Losties. Soon the group was joined by Qiaoo and Talhaeara, who had followed the Pandaren to join his friends on a fishing trip. Losties are always eager to meet new people, so she was warmly welcomed.

New Friends

The evening passed quickly while the friends were catching each other up on their latest adventures. Hanthy was the most active fisherman of the evening, but the catch wasn’t much. She mostly fished up old boots and other items of clothing. At least they are out of the river now!

Two Campfires

The others gathered by the campfire. Or campfires, actually, as Shakkuu managed to make an interesting green campfire. He had stolen (!) a robe from a troll and the campfire was the result of that theft. The evening ended with rain and the new friends made their separate ways home.

September 4, 2018

Preparation for the Trial of Style

Trial of Style was just around the corner when the Losties decided to visit Canal Tailor and Fit Shop together. Hantitia was serving the customers when Shakkuu, Nymkje and Gauke came to hang out.

Customers and Recruits

One of the customers, a night elf lady called Executa noticed the friends and wanted to learn more about Order of the Lost. Shakkuu was happy to tell her all about the guild and so Losties received a new recruit!

New Recruit

And thanks to Titi, the new recruit received a whole new wardrobe for the Trial of Style!