August 27, 2018

Recruiting in Boralus

Order of the Lost had made its way to Kul Tiras among the other adventurers of the Alliance. Hanthelia and Shakkuu felt that it was a good time to recruit new guild members and left posters all around the city of Boralus. This time the recruiting efforts were successful, as they met several people while fishing near Tradewinds market.

Recruiting by the Campfire

Nymkje joined Hanthy and Shakkuu in meeting the potential recruits. First one to find the Order of the Lost was a warrior called Shinvaraa. She seemed like a good fighter and an excellent addition to the guild. The group was soon joined by Claxxess and Qiaoo who appeared to be just as experienced in combat. They all seemed like nice people as well. Shakkuu was particularly impressed by Claxxess, as the lady paladin shared some ale with the others. Lastly, the group was joined by their old acquaintance, Effx, but he was not looking for a guild to join.

Ale and Refreshments

Losties told the others about their guild, what they stand for and the things they do together. Shinvaraa, Claxxess and Qiaoo liked what they heard and were invited to join Order of the Lost. Welcome new recruits!