May 10, 2018

At the Brawler’s Guild

Grieveris invited Lost Order to meet him at the Brawler’s Guild in Stormwind city. Rommert, Hanthelia and Nymkje had never been there before, but Vendath had. When the new visitors arrived, Venny was in the middle of a fierce fight! Luckily, she was not harmed.

Fighting Grieveris

Grievis paid some money to the bouncer and the group was able to move to the VIP area that had much better view of the fights. The demon hunter could not resist stepping into the arena himself and showing his friends how it’s done! Losties cheered Grievis on and he was victorious.

Winterspring Cub

Hanthelia had brought a little friend with her – a winterspring cub. She had bought the little kitty in Winterspring and was training it to become a mount. After fighting, the friends moved to the bar and Grievis told them a legend he had learned.

At the Bar

Many tens of thousands of years ago, there had been a Highbourne hero with two daughters, twins known for their dancing skills. Two swords had been made for the hero Рone blessed by Elune, the other touched by magic, and after his retirement, his daughters started using the swords. Grievis wanted to find the swords and had managed to find a couple of leads. Losties were eager to take part in the treasure hunt!