April 6, 2018

To Find Oneself

Order of the Lost had not seen their old friend, Effex, in a while, so they were pleased to hear from him. Effy invited the guild to Dalaran to discuss an unusual request he had for them. They needed to find Effex…

The First Effex

Hanthelia, Shakkuu, Elenyah, Vraan and Gauke were happy to help Effex. Apparently, his apprentice (who also went by the name Effex) had possibly gone insane and disappeared. Effy warned them about the other Effy’s big dog and that he liked to drink. The apprentice had last been seen running towards the direction of Hillbrad Foothills, so the friends made their way there. While scouting the southern beach, a strange murloc appeared. This murloc could talk the common language, so Losties were immediately suspicious. The murloc seemed to be drunk and jumping away, but the friends pursued it anyway.

The Murloc

The disguise was soon lost and the creature seemed to be a void elf instead. After some further conversation, it was quite clear the elf was indeed the other Effex. The poor drunkard had lost his swords, boots and pants… He seemed to be upset about the void elves joining the Alliance due to past turmoil. Losties did their best in trying to convince him that the Alliance was not like that anymore and that especially the guild was just trying to help people.

The Second Effex

To demonstrate their arguments, Losties went back to the beach to look for the elf’s lost items. They found the swords and the boots! After sitting on the beach with him and offering him some cheap beer, they finally got through to him. As they couldn’t find his pants, the other Effex agreed to visit Stormwind and Hantitia’s tailoring shop. There may be some hope for him yet!