March 13, 2018

Honouring the Elders in Darnassus

Lunar Festival was here again and the Order of the Lost celebrated it together as was their tradition. Guild leader Hanthelia invited everyone to Darnassus.

Honouring Elders in Darnassus

Grieveris, Vraan, Gauke and Vendath joined Hanthy for some chocolate cake and wine in the garden. The ladies all wore pretty dresses, and Hanthy and Venny also had flower crowns that seemed to be the hit of the festival for this year. Grievis, on the other hand, was bored of the whole event. He had experienced it already so many times as a druid and hated the fuss the druids made over it.

Cake and Wine

The friends had a lovely evening catching up. The recent events were discussed concerning Argus and the new allies. Until next year!