February 21, 2018

Blind Date in Stormwind

Order of the Lost decided to organize something fun for the love festival. There were a good amount of single people in the guild, so a blind date show seemed like an obvious choice. The newly recruited Rommert was chosen as the lucky bachelor.

Blind Date Show

Grieveris hosted the show and asked the ladies some tough questions. The Lostie ladies included Nandyna, Haruulia and Veena. As the show took place in a central location in Stormwind, a couple of other ladies wanted to join too. Ally and Tess answered Grievis’ questions, whether he asked them or not. But everyone had a good time!

The Ladies

In the end, it was Veena who had caught the bachelor’s attention with her replies and Rommert chose to go on a date with her. The new couple was cheered, as they flew off together. The other contestants decided to step into the nearest tavern, where Grievis bought them all drinks.

Drinks at the Tavern

Also Gauke and Vaalur joined the friends along with some other people, who had observed the show. Nandy tried to hit on someone and someone tried to hit on Grievis. But they all went home alone.


February 17, 2018

Love Festival Parade

Losties at the Love Festival

Love was in the air again in the form of the annual love festival. In honour of this great celebration, a parade was organized in Pandaria. Each guild was asked to dress in a similar costume while participating in the parade.

Tian Monastery

The parade started from Tian Monastery. The organizers gave a speech on the purpose of the parade – to celebrate the diversity of love. Elenyah, Hanthelia, Shakkuu, Grieveris, Nymkje and Rommert were happy to join the celebration, since offering a home to different kinds of people in the spirit of friendship is what the guild is all about.

The Great Parade

The parade was huge! Many guilds took part in it and also some people came without a guild. Both Alliance and Horde were there and the event was peaceful as expected based on the cause of the celebration. Order of the Lost had chosen “lovely pink” as their costume there and were all driving motorbikes.

Another Speech

The parade ended at Dawn’s Blossom, where a sakura ceremony was organized along with throwing rose petals. Losties threw petals on each other and listened to yet another speech. Then it was time for the party. The friends mingled among the other participants of the celebration and met some nice people.

Stormwind Observer

After Elenyah and Grievis already left, the others got their photo taken for the Stormwind Observer. A reporter from the paper was attending the celebration to capture the spirit of the festival. From Losties’ perspective, the festival was a success!

February 14, 2018

Picnic in a Tree

Haneah invited the guild to have a picnic in a special place she had come across in Azsuna – a big tree! Gauke, Vendath, Vraan and Grieveris were a little surprised, but climbed up anyway.

Sitting in a Tree

Little Hane, as it turned out, was now all grown up and wanted to celebrate with her friends in the guild. She had brought a birthday cake and some wine. Her friends had also brought some ale. The sky was quite dark in the beginning, but cleared out by the end. Luckily there was no rain.

Birthday Cake

During the course of the evening, many things were discussed. Haneah had sent the others her books as Winter Veil presents and now asked them what they thought. Apparently the gifts were well received! On the topic of lewd art, Grievis was trying to find someone willing to pose for a nude painting. Unfortunately, none of his fellow guild members volunteered.

Clear Skies

Gauke told the others of his meeting with his newly discovered niece. He and his wife had gotten along with Amarins very well. The Losties were very pleased for him.