January 19, 2018

Fishing in Dalaran

Order of the Lost gathered to fish together in Dalaran. The friends had chosen the little floating island with a pond as their fishing spot.

Margoss’s Retreat

Elenyah, Grieveris, Gauke, Hanthelia, Shakkuu and Vraan were eager to fish. It had been a long time since their last fishing trip, so it was fun to catch up. Gauke told his friends of a relative he had recently discovered. His niece, Amarins, would soon visit him and Nymkje at their home in Ironforge. The others were delighted of this news!

Lake Monster!

All of a sudden a monster appeared! Losties were fast to react and beat the creature without injuries. Surprisingly enough, it exploded into little floating bubbles. After the incident, Shakkuu told the others of his latest mission. He had been requested to find Nuenein, a simple-minded night elf, who was a friend of the guild’s. Grievis guessed right assuming Shakkuu would not look in the right places… As Shakkuu had himself noticed too, child-like night elves don’t prefer taverns or prostitutes.


Hanthy knew Nuenein and suggested he might be lost in the woods, which the others thought to be quite likely. Shakkuu was going to contact Effex, another friend of the guild’s, and see if he had heard of Nuenein. Rogues tend to be aware of many things the others may not be. Let’s hope Shakkuu’s mission ends happily!