December 21, 2017

Winter Veil in Highmountain

It was that time of the year again – Winter Veil! Order of the Lost gathered at Frosthoof Watch, Highmountain to celebrate the holiday together. Hanthelia, Shakkuu, Grieveris, Vraan, Gauke and Elenyah were cozy in the little shelter by a campfire.

Cozy in the Shelter

The friends discussed the weather, their matching holiday sweaters and their plans for the holiday. Losties were invited to each others’ Winter Veil parties. Grieveris had brought some potions to his friends, so the night sky would look even nicer. Unfortunately, there was a small side effect for Shakkuu. Apparently the potion didn’t agree with humans and the poor paladin was transformed into a tree! But only for a moment.


Guild leader Hanthelia had brought her friends some presents. They were books written by her daughter, Haneah, but the night elf had not read them herself. Young Hane had gotten quite busy and written several books. The Losties soon discovered that they were quite erotic in nature, but the proud mother remained unaware.

Gift-giving and ale

Vraan gave the others some gifts as well, but they were more tailored to the person in question. Ale-brewing Gauke got a tankard, Elenyah a water walking elixir, Hanthy a red headband, Shakkuu a spider sausage (which was immediately consumed) and Grievis some starlight rose seeds for his tea-drinking. Losties were very happy with their thoughtful gifts!

Shakkuu’s Speech

The evening was very nice. Gauke had made some tasty brews for the others to try and Hanthy provided them with cupcakes. Former guild master Shakkuu gave a lovely speech about the guild and its members. Everyone was in holiday spirits.

Happy Winter Veil!