November 27, 2017

A Big Pandaren in the Tailoring Shop

Order of the Lost had gathered once again to Hantitia’s tailoring shop. Nandyna, Grieveris and Vraan were catching up and drinking coffee while Titi server customers. It was a quiet day until a large pandaren was suddenly stood in front of the door.


The pandaren was called Rommert and he had been sent by Gauke. Apparently, the gnome warrior and the pandaren were ale buddies. Rommert needed something tailoring and so Gauke had told him about Titi’s shop. Titi was happy to help! After helping her customer out, the friends decided to go for a drink and Rommert joined them.

New People at the Golden Keg

Losties went to the Golden Keg in Dwarven district. Rommert appeared to be a chatty fellow and the chatter was indeed lively. So lively, in fact, that a couple of people joined their table – Emerentia and Kay. As one thing tends to lead to another, Rommert and Emerentia (including Eme’s feline companion) were recruited then and there!

November 22, 2017

Baby Moonkin!

Order of the Lost was excited to participate in the Moonkin Festival! The idea of the festival was to teach baby moonkin some important skills that experienced travellers and fighters only could. Vraan, Grieveris, Shakkuu, Gauke and Hanthelia travelled to Moonglade.

Meeting in Moonglade

But baby moonkin were not given to just anyone. First, Losties had to show that they were able to take care of them. The friends went around Moonglade looking for yummy food for the little ones and had to fight some demons on the way too. In the end, they were rewarded with a few little moonkin to take care of for some days.


After the chores, Losties sat by the lake with their babies and taught them to dance. Everyone had a good time and the little ones seemed to like their babysitters very much. It must have been all the berries that they got to eat…

Sitting by the Lake

It will be sad to give the baby moonkin back!

November 10, 2017

Lost and Found

Vendath was on a quest to find a lost book of poetry. Her friends had promised to help her in any way they could. The Losties gathered to the tower of Karazhan to search the extensive libraries that could be found inside.

Inside Karazhan

Gauke, Elenyah, Hanthelia and Vraan joined Venny and a priest called Nelyndria who had been sent by Grieveris. The group made their way through the dangerous corridors of the tower. They searched a couple of libraries, but finally found a promising one behind a secret door that opened from one of the book shelves.

Secret Door

There, on the floor, Venny found what she had been looking for. The book of poems her past lover had written. It was a miracle. Venny knew all the poems, except the last one. She read it out loud and brought tears in her and her friend’s eyes. It seemed the demon hunter was the topic of the poem. Nelyndria had another book she was hoping to find in the tower to cure her friend’s son’s ailment. For such a noble cause, Losties had to help her out.

Books Books Books!

They stepped into yet another library and looked around. Book fanatic Vraan managed to fit many books into her bags while they searched. And luckily, they were able to find the book Nelyndria was looking for too. Based on the description of the friend and her son, Hanthy guessed that the cure was meant for their friend, Nuenein and she was right. Hopefully the remedy will help him!

November 8, 2017

Running for Gnomeregan

For the first time ever, the gnomes arranged an event for all of Eastern Kingdoms: The Great Gnomeregan Run. It was not really clear to the Order of the Lost what was the ultimate purpose of the run, but they participated anyway.

Running near Gnomeregan

Hanthelia, Grieveris and Shakkuu joined the fun outside Gnomeregan. The silly paladin even transformed himself into a gnome for the duration of the run! The friends ran from Gnomeregan all the way to Booty Bay.

On the Road

The Losties were not alone on the road. There were plenty of others taking part in the event. One of them was a gnome called Tuulikki, who happened to be running at the same pace as Shakkuu. Most of the way was ran on foot, but the route required the runners to take the tram from Ironforge to Stormwind. There were also beverages offered at specific intervals, so the runners didn’t get too thirsty.


Losties thought the event was well organized! They were glad to have taken part in it and even happened to get a new recruit out of it, as Tuulikki joined the guild.

November 6, 2017

Harvest Festival in Ironforge

Nymkje and Gauke wanted to celebrate the harvest festival with their guild friends. The gnome couple invited the guild to their home in Ironforge.

Nymkje and Gauke’s Home

Vendath, Grieveris and Haneah were very pleased with the kind invitation. The couple gave their friends a tour of their house, as they hadn’t visited them before. Haneah admired Nymkje’s extensive book collection! The view from the balcony was also considered very nice.

View from the Balcony

Gauke had been making his own ale for a while now and wanted to share it with his friends. Several different ales were tried over the course of the evening and there were also some unexpected side effects. It seemed like some of Nymkje’s potions might have gotten mixed with the ale…

Beer Tasting

The friends experienced some transformations, but nothing permanent and it was all good fun. Big thanks for the kind hosts!