July 30, 2017

Dancing in the Auction House

Having a dance party in an auction house seemed like a silly idea, but it turned out to be quite popular! Grieveris, Shakkuu and Ayamey joined the party.

Dancing in the Auction House.

It was colourful and loud and fun! After the friends got tired from dancing, they decided to have a quiet drink at the tavern in Old Town. There were quite a few people there as well.

Quiet Drink at the Tavern.

After a few rounds, Aya decided to ditch her male companions, as she thought they were stopping the other men from approaching her.

P.S. Like brother, like sister (as the following photo of Aya’s brother reveals).

July 30, 2017

Spectacular Fireworks in Booty Bay

At the end of the Midsummer Fire Festival, there are always fireworks. Order of the Lost decided to watch them together in Booty Bay.

Fireworks above Booty Bay.

Shakkuu, Grieveris, Gauke, Nymkje and Haneah sat on a roof watching the fireworks. After the show was over, they drank some red wine and  talked. The mages of the party were both wearing shorts, which was puzzling their friends. Nymkje and Haneah told them it was the fashion for the summer.

On a Roof.

The evening ended in a little history lesson given by Grievis.

July 3, 2017

Midsummer Fire Festival in Redridge Mountains

Order of the Lost gathered in Lakeshire, Redridge Mountains to celebrate Midsummer Fire Festival together. Vraan, Elenyah, Grieveris, Nandyna, Hanthelia and Gauke met in town and then made their way to the other side of the lake.

In Lakeshire, Redridge Mountains

Hanthy, Grievis and Vraan made their way on foot and stumbled across a bad-looking accident. A big boulder had fallen on top of a foreman and his crew tried to lift it up. The friends were just about to help, when an ettin came to the rescue. Lucky!

An Accident

There was a midsummer bonfire on the other side of the lake and the friends sat down for pie and ale. Grievis had brought his friends some special potions that he had made. They were supposed to make it feel like a starry night, even during the day. First his friends were a bit skeptical, but agreed to try the potions and they worked!

Pie and Ale

The picnic by the bonfire became a lot more beautiful. After they had finished the pie and the ale was gone too, Vraan had a wish to celebrate the fire in some way. Hanthy had heard that in some cultures, the people dance around the fire. The Losties thought it was a good plan and soon they all started dancing by the fire.

Dancing Around the Bonfire

After the friends got tired from the dancing, Grievis led them to a nearby hill to watch the stars. Still under the influence of the potion, the friends saw millions and millions of stars. The scenery was incredible. A perfect ending to a lovely evening!

Watching the Stars

Happy Midsummer all!