June 22, 2017

Fishing in Bradensbrook

Guild leader Hanthelia invited the guild to go fishing with her. This time the destination was Bradensbrook, Val’Sharah. Vraan, Morganette, Vendath and Grieveris were eager to join her in the small town.


As the fishing spot, Hanthy had picked a location near a waterfall, not far from town. The spot was actually very good. Not only did the friends catch a lot of fish, but they also came across some crates including different kinds of fishing bobbers! The Losties tried them right away.

Fishing spot

Everyone was fishing, except Vendath. She had never gotten into fishing, although she had watched her now deceased companion fish and recite poetry while she maintained their weapons. The demon hunter became a little sentimental and told her new friends of the book of poetry that her spouse had written and that had been stolen. The Losties were outraged!

By the Waterfall

Vendy thought that the book was long lost, but her friends disagreed and wanted to start an investigation. Grieveris has some felhunter in him, so he was quite confident in his mana tracking skills. Together they started to discuss where the theft might have taken place and how to find the thieves. A new adventure awaits!

June 13, 2017

Boat Bash in Thousand Needles

A boating party was organized in Thousand Needles and the Order of the Lost couldn’t miss it! Vraan, Hanthelia, Elenyah, Grieveris, Nandyna and Corellan met on a big boat in the middle of the Shimmering Deep. There were free boats for everyone to use and sail around the Deep.

The Shimmering Deep

A lot of other people were enjoying the Thousand Boat Bash as well. The little boats came in different styles and all the Losties found their own. They sailed together around the big lake and checked out the other, bigger boats.

Sailing Around

Finally, they found a part of the lake that included several party boats. The Losties boarded one of them and joined the party by tossing a big ball around. The friends came prepared and had some pie, ale and wine while enjoying each others’ company.

Party Boat

After a little catch-up, the friends called it a night and sailed home.