May 31, 2017

Glowcap Festival

A rumour of a festival being held in Zangarmarsh on a fine Saturday evening reached the ears of some members of the Order of the Lost. Eager to join the fun, Shakkuu, Vraan and Gauke gathered on a large mushroom to observe the activities in the swampy village of Sporeggar from a safe distance. While they were discussing recent events and possible future holiday plans, Elenyah joined the small gathering. She had travelled through the village and told the others about what she had seen there.


Before their campfire could burn through the mushroom beneath it, the guildies realised that there was no festival happening in the village. Instead, a large balloon of a mushroom was emerging from the ground and withering fast while the villagers scrambled to keep it alive. With the opportunity to offer aid presented to them, the Losties unanimously decided to do whatever they could to help.

Shakkuu, Vraan, Gauke and Elenyah descended to the village and joined the other Azerothians there in finding life-giving mushrooms and special truffles, anything to keep the central fungus vibrant. Although everyone was working tirelessly, it soon became apparent that they were fighting a losing battle: the mushroom could not survive above the ground for long. Stepping aside to witness the futile struggle, the friends saw the mushroom collapse and emerge again, only to die soon after. The cycle continued ceaselessly.

The Glowcap Festival was not much of a party, unless the Sporeggar creatures had a very strange definition of a good time. Having done their part, the guildies departed to spend the rest of the evening with more uplifting activities, like slaughtering demons.

May 25, 2017

Recruiting a Druid or Two

There had been talk of Shakkuu’s unfortunate date and the idea of the guildies lending a helping hand and organizing a recruitment meeting for the lady. It was time to move from talk to action. Grieveris, Gauke, Nymkje, Corellan and of course Shakkuu came to Darnassus to meet with Haruulia.

Flowers for Haruulia

This time Shakkuu had planned a little better and brought Haru some flowers to make up for the awkward date. The druid didn’t seem that insulted by the previous encounter and the recruitment process could start. Haru introduced herself and told the others a little of her past. As the most senior officer, Grievis took the lead and after the introductions, welcomed Haruulia into the guild.


While the guild members had been gathering in Darnassus, they had come across another druid. Morganette had come looking for guild member Elenyah, but found the rest of the Losties instead. She joined the group and after recruiting Haru, Grievis turned his attention to Morganette. In the end, the Order of the Lost recruited two druids instead of just one.

May 19, 2017

Fishing in Borean Tundra

For a change, the next fishing trip of the Losties took them to Northrend. Guild leader Hanthelia invited the guild to meet her in Borean Tundra. This time, Grieveris had picked the fishing spot on an ice raft. Vendath, Vraan, Elenyah, Corellan and Gauke joined the elves. The ice raft was full of penguins and there were orcas circling it.

Fishing on an Ice Raft

Gauke wanted to try and catch an orca with his fishing pole, but his friends suspected it wasn’t possible. There was a murloc camp nearby, which started a conversation on the experiences the guildies had had with murlocs. Grievis’ story was the most unique: in his bear form, he had once clubbed a murloc making him skim like a stone on the surface of water. This was found mostly cruel.

Penguins and Ale

After enough of fishing, Hanthy went to play with a penguin while the others had some ale. The penguins were quite friendly after receiving some fish from the guild leader and didn’t mind the Losties starting a camp fire to cook their caught fish. While sitting by the fire, the friends shared some stories of their fighting styles and how they came to choose it.

Keeping Warm by the Fire

Gauke told his friends of a warriors’ association he was part of and even tried to recruit a fellow warrior, Core. Sadly, he didn’t seem very interested, but luckily, there are plenty of good fighters to associate with in the Order of the Lost.

May 18, 2017

Balloon Rides in Crystalsong Forest

Spring Balloon Festival is here! Order of the Lost gathered to Crystalsong Forest, Northrend to take a ride in one of the balloons.

Crystalsong Forest

Hanthelia, Grieveris, Shakkuu, Vraan and the newly recruited Kelliher had to split into two groups in order to take a ride. Hanthy, Vraan and Kelliher rode in one balloon, Grievis and Shakkuu in another. The scenery from the balloon was magnificent. Each balloon had a tour guide to point out the noteworthly places in the area.

The Balloon Ride

After both balloons had landed, Losties decided to have a drink in the nearby tavern. Another new recruit, Elodir, joined them there. The friends toasted and shared stories of their recent adventures. They also discussed the backgrounds of the new guys and got to know them better. Shakkuu’s love life was again a topic of common discussion, although it didn’t please the paladin very much.

Drinks with the New Recruits

There was a lot of laugh and friendly chatter. Jokes were told and drinks were consumed. All in all it was a very enjoyable evening.

May 11, 2017

Mystery of the Riddlers, Part 2

It was time to continue the mystery of the riddles left in curious places. Grieveris invited the guild to Pandaria. They met in the Shrine of Seven Stars, where Shakkuu had a surprise for Gauke. The blacksmithing paladin had made a new belt for the little warrior! Hanthelia, Vraan and Grievis complimented Gauke’s new gear.

New Belt!

From the shrine, the friends travelled to an underground tomb in search of the next clue and they found it. After that, they made their way to a gate near a monastery in Kun-Lai Summit. It was easy to find the next piece of riddle, although it was on a pedestal of a statue.

Kun-Lai Summit

Following the clue, Losties left Pandaria and went back to Uldum. The next note was again near a statue… After travelling all around the world a few times, it was time to return to Eastern Kingdoms to find what turned out to be the final destination. It was a small box. The friends hesitated for a moment, but decided that Grievis should be the one to open the box. Inside, there were some worms…

Box of Worms

What a disappointment! But as soon as the friends held a worm on their hand, it suddenly turned into a bigger worm, big enough to ride! It seemed the treasure hunt was not all for nothing after all.

May 7, 2017

Mystery of the Riddlers, part 1

Grieveris had come across a mysterious riddle in Dalaran. He invited his guild friends to come check it out in the shelf of the Legerdemain Lounge. Vraan, Gauke, Shakkuu and Hanthelia investigated the note and together came to the conclusion that it must lead to Duskwood. Since the Losties are always eager to adventure, the friends decided to follow the lead unaware of what it might lead to.

Legerdemain Lounge

The friends made their way to the Twilight Grove and they were right – another riddle was found by the moonwell. This time they were led to the Firelands and had to battle to get to the next clue. They were victorious and managed to find the next riddle.


Grievis didn’t take long to figure out the next destination. The note was referring to the source of winds, so the Losties travelled to Uldum. Hanthy discovered the next note, but this time it was more difficult. The friends weren’t sure where to go. Ahn’Qiraj and Pandaria were suggested as possible locations of the next clue.

Note in Uldum

Grieveris told the others he’d investigate the note further and invite his friends to come continue the adventure when the destination was clear. Until next we meet!