April 19, 2017

Fishing in Suramar

Guild leader Hanthelia invited the guild to Suramar. It was time to go fishing! Hanthy had spotted a quiet island off the eastern coast of Suramar. It was quite a struggle to get there, though, as the area by the coast was full of naga camps. But in the end, Vraan, Shakkuu, Grieveris and Gauke were able to fish in peace and catch up on recent events in their lives.


Gauke had been working on a semi-automatic gadget to repair his gear after battle. The little gnome seemed to be quite an enthusiastic engineer! Vraan on the other hand had been helping out a gnome magician with his wolf problem… Hunting a wolf was childsplay for the mage. Hanthy and Grievis had been busy fighting in the Broken shore, dealing with demon invasions.

Fishing in Suramar

During the course of the evening, Shakkuu’s love life was also a topic of conversation. Hanthy asked about his recent date with a common acquintance. The date had not gone as well as Shakkuu would have hoped and he got some tips from his friends. The next step was to organize a recruitment meeting for the date.


Before the friends said their goodbyes, Grievis got to meet Winston, Hanthy’s bear. The two of them got along very well, since Grievis had spent quite a long time as a bear, and he also slipped Winnie some bacon when Hanthy wasn’t looking!

April 1, 2017

Karazhan cleared!

Order of the Lost had heard about the troubles in the ivory tower of Karazhan, Deadwind Pass. The demons were trying to take over the tower. Losties felt they should help out and fight the Burning Legion in this historically remarkable place.


The battles weren’t easy and at times the Losties had to fall back, but in the end, the demons were chased away. Victory to the Order of the Lost!