March 29, 2017

Beasts of Un’Goro Crater

Losties had heard several reports of beast sightings in Un’Gogo Crater and thought they should investigate the situation themselves. Grieveris, Shakkuu, Gauke, Vraan, Lilura and Hanthelia met in Marshal’s Stand.

Big Beast

There were indeed several beasts making mayhem in Un’Goro! Losties took part in fierce battles and managed to remain victorious. The beasts were of different varieties – devilsaurs, elementals, insectoids…

Huge Murloc

There was even one enormous murloc!

March 4, 2017

Shakkuu’s Blind Date

Shakkuu had been set up on a blind date with Hanthelia’s childhood friend, Haruulia. The nervous paladin had arranged a nice table in the Blue Recluse in Stormwind City for him and his date. The might-be couple recognized each other right away based on Hanthy’s descriptions.

Shakkuu and Haruulia

The evening went quite nicely, even though Shakkuu was quite nervous. Haruulia was interested in the human paladin, since her previous boyfriends had been only night elves. She was quite open-minded and forgiving, even when Shakkuu mentioned something about riding her in her animal form… It wasn’t until they ran out of drink that Shakkuu noticed his guild friends hiding by the bar!

Upstairs, Downstairs

Grieveris, Vraan and Gauke had been listening to every word that was said. Shakkuu got all confused when he spotted his friends and forgot to buy some more ale. Luckily, Vraan pretended to be a waitress and brought the couple a pitcher. At the end of the evening, Haru thanked Shakkuu for a good time and hoped to see him again. Not a bad first date, his friends told the doubtful paladin.