January 28, 2017

Fireworks in Stormwind City

Losties had been wondering how Efex was doing, so they were very pleased to get an invitation to come and see his fireworks show in Stormwind City. Shakkuu, Hanthelia and Vraan came to meet him before the show. Effy had spent his time building things, for example his robotic dog, and getting married.

Meeting in Lion’s Rest

The friends took a moment to catch up before the fireworks show. Hanthy had attended Effy’s wedding, so she knew more about what was going on in his life. Losties told Effy about what they had been up to and how their common friends were doing.

Effy’s Fireworks

Efex had advertised the event, so a small crowd gathered around as they chatted. As per usual, Effy’s fireworks were spectacular! It was good to have him back among the Losties and he even promised to help out with the Nandy issue.

January 23, 2017

History Lesson in Silithus

Grieveris has been alive a lot longer than his guild mates and was happy to share some of his experiences with them. Now he invited his young friends to Silithus in order to tell them about the War of the Shifting Sands. Vraan, Gauke, Hanthelia and Shakkuu were eager to hear Grievis’ stories.

Meeting in Cenarion Hold, Silithus

The Losties met in Cenarion Hold, Silithus and took a walk around the historically interesting places around the area. The war had started when the old god C’thun had been accidentally awoken by night elves scouting Silithus. C’thun had taken control over the silithids and created a swarm of mayhem. Grievis showed his friends the ruins that were left after the swarm had destroyed the night elf camp.

Historical Walk

The friends felt bad for the brave night elves, who had lost their lives trying to control the swarm. Luckily, they had eventually received help from the Bronze Dragonflight. Dragons were very good at fighting the silithids, as they were able to attack from above and not get in harm’s way. Still, there was one casualty in the Dragonflight as well and the friends saw the huge bones left in the desert.

Ruins in Silithus

Eventually, the war was won and the old god was destroyed. There were still a lot of insects in the area, but they posed no threat to Azeroth at the moment. Even though the topic was quite sad and the surroundings were not very beautiful, the Losties were glad to have heard more about the historical events that Grieveris had taken part in. Especially Gauke and Shakkuu were curious and asked a lot of questions. Thank you to Grievis for the history lesson!