December 19, 2016

Winter Veil in Winterspring

As is their tradition, Order of the Lost celebrated Winter Veil together in a snowy atmosphere. Hanthelia, Vraan, Shakkuu, Gauke and Grieveris gathered to a little camp site in Winterspring. Since the guild had existed already for 10 years this year, guild leader Hanthy had prepared a speech in which she looked back into the past as well as to the future. She gave recognition to the past guild leaders and to Shakkuu in particular, as he had been a guild leader for the longest time.

10 Years of Order of the Lost

After Hanthy’s speech, also Shakkuu wanted to say a few words to thank the current guild leader for her contribution. Everyone was in a cheery mood! When the speeches were all done, it was time to feast. Shakkuu had brought a good amount of food and ale. Also Gauke shared some ale with his friends and Vraan some wine. There was even dessert in the form of a chocolate cake!

Chocolate Cake!

Traditionally Losties also exchange gifts and this year was no exception. Hanthelia gave all her friends elekk plushie toys, Shakkuu gave the others hoof plates to make their mounts faster and Gauke had acquired his guild mates some buoys to help in underwater missions. The gifts were all well received!


As a final activity for the evening, Hanthy had gotten another clothes chest from her sister and she figured it would be fun to try on some costumes. She was right! Losties got to dress up in amazing outfits prepared by an experienced tailor. It was fun and everyone decided on their favourite outfit.

Clothes Chest

The rest of the evening was spent discussing the friends’ plans for Winter Veil. Those who had family were spending the holiday with them, and those who had none were invited to join their guild mates’ parties. Happy Winter Veil to all!

December 8, 2016

Fishing in Redridge Mountains

Order of the Lost met up in Lakeshire, Redridge Mountains for one of their fishing trips. Grieveris, Hanthelia, Meerena and Shakkuu were eager to fish! Shakkuu made a big entrance by walking his drake along the shore.

Shakkuu’s Big Entrance

As usual, guild leader Hanthy had found a fishing spot for the guild. The others agreed that it was likely a good spot due to all the nearby plants, and they were right. Shakkuu and Hanthy thanked Meerena for a lovely wedding party and asked after her well-being. Rena had some news relating to her condition – she had recently found out that she was pregnant. Her new friends were thrilled for her!

Fishing by the Plants

The other topics of the evening included Nandy and Shakkuu’s concern for her. Again, it was assumed that Shakkuu was just jealous. Hanthy had discussed with Hantitia and there were no news of Nandy. The others promised to look into the matter further to make sure the warlock lady was alright.

Fishing in Redridge Mountains

Many fish were caught and laughs were had. It was a successful fishing trip!

December 4, 2016

Congratulations Meerena!

Order of the Lost was invited to witness a wedding ceremony in Gilneas. New recruit Meerena, was getting married to doctor Youli and was kind enough to invite the guild to come and celebrate with her. Hanthelia and Shakkuu were happy to represent the guild in the festivities.

Here Comes the Bride

The ceremony was quite intimate. The groom’s daughter was the bridesmaid and her dog the ringbearer. The ceremony was beautiful and most of the guests had to wipe away the tears of joy. The couple had prepared their own vows.

At the Wedding Reception

The wedding reception was held at a nearby manor. Shakkie and Hanthy chatted to the other guests and got to know them all, as the party was quite small. Meerena was pretty in her red dress and it was nice to notice that she was already very friendly with her new husband’s daughter.

A Great Feast

After a little mingling, it was time to eat. A great feast was prepared for the guests. Meerena gave a little speech to start the meal. The Losties found the food to be very good. Unfortunately, something didn’t quite agree with Meerena and she had to excuse herself in the middle of the meal. Her new friends were guessing that perhaps another happy family event was about to take place in the months to come. Congratulations Meerena!