October 30, 2016

A Long Walk

It didn’t take long for Grieveris to do as he promised during the last fishing trip and take his guild mates for a walk up the peaks of Highmountain. Gauke, Vraan, Shakkuu, Elenyah and Hanthelia had looked forward to the trip, since the scenery in Highmountain had already made an impression on them. The friends met at the sea level and made their way up from there.

The Walk Starts

The peaks of Highmountain are quite high and partially covered in snow. Some of the group had not dressed for the occasion, most noticeably Hanthy. The night elf managed somehow all the way up before getting cold! During their walk, the friends went through Thunder Totem and were impressed by the town’s architectural foundation, being partially built into the mountain. Most of the admiration was given to the natural surroundings, though.

Up the Mountain

The road up to the peak was at times quite narrow. The wind blew and Losties had to watch their step. Avalanches were not uncommon on snowy peaks, so the friends tried to avoid making too much noise. Luckily, their walk up was uneventful, apart from stopping to look at the beautiful scenery on several occasions.

On the Bridge

The last obstacle before the highest peak was an old-looking suspension bridge. Most of the Losties were not wearing heavy armor, except Shakkuu. It was suggested that Shakkuu would cross the bridge on his own, but the bridge seemed to hold the weight of the whole group. Vraan found the crossing of the bridge most difficult and kept a tight hold of the rope. They all arrived safely on the other side.

On the Top of the Mountain

When reaching the top, Grievis stuck the Order of the Lost flag on the ground. The demon hunter mentioned that this was indeed the highest point of the Broken Isles and quite possibly all of Azeroth as well. Gauke shared some ale with his friends and they all shared stories of recent events in their lives before the wind got a bit too heavy and it was time to get back down.

October 9, 2016

Fishing in Highmountain

It was finally time to have a fishing trip to the Broken Isles, where most of the Losties had spent quite a lot of time recently. Vraan, Shakkuu, Tirriane, Grieveris and Hanthelia met each other near Thunder Totem, Highmountain. They made their way slightly up the mountain in order to fish from a river.

Throwing the Ball

Tirriane was not that keen on fishing, but preferred to look around instead. She and Shakkuu had fun throwing a ball instead of catching fish. Grieveris and Vraan on the other hand had come particularly eager to fish. The mage was new to fishing, but got the hang of it very quickly. Grievis was eager to try his new fishing pole. The others were quite shocked as it seemed to be made of a murloc skeleton! Still, it seemed to do the trick and the combat officer caught many fish during the evening.

Fishing in Highmountain

The evening went by quickly when discussing the area of Highmountain and its inhabitants. Vraan hadn’t visited Highmountain before, so she was eager to know more about it. Grievis mentioned the amazing scenery from the highest peaks of the mountains and promised to take his friends there to observe it for themselves.

Enjoying the Scenery

Losties cooked their fish while enjoying the beautiful scenery towards Thunder Totem before heading home.