September 28, 2016

Fishing in Stormshield

Guild leader Hanthelia invited Order of the Lost to fish in Stormshield, Ashran. Shakkuu, Grieveris, Elenyah and Gauke met in the town, but soon made their way to the beach, as the anxious paladin didn’t feel comfortable there. Shakkie claimed that the town changed everytime he was there. The others didn’t believe him, but thought the problem was just his bad sense of direction.

Fishing in Stormshield

While they were fishing on a little island, Hanthy spotted a draenei being attacked by sand scavengers on the beach. Unfortunately, she got hurt, but luckily help was near and Shakkuu managed to heal the draenei called Vraan. When Losties got to know Vraan better, she turned out to be a student of magics and looking for a guild. Gauke was immediately certain that Vraan would want to join the Order and he was right!

Meeting Vraan

After also Corellan joined his guild mates, Hanthy passed on a request from her half-sister to them. Hantitia had extended her tailoring shop selection to include theater costumes and had given Hanthy a chest of clothes to show to the guild. Titi had asked everyone to examine the clothes and try them on to see if the quality was good enough for the stage.

Trying on Costumes

Losties had fun! The clothes were well-made and interesting. Everyone found their favourite costume! Shakkuu and Corellan decided to stress test the outfits and performed a dance to amuse their friends. The rest of the evening was spent fishing and getting to know the new recruit, Vraan.

Fishing Again

Until next we meet!

September 19, 2016

A Walk in Feralas

After being part of the guild for some time now, Grieveris felt that he wanted to share some things with his new friends. The combat officer of Order of the Lost invited the guild to meet him at Feathermoon Stronghold in Feralas.

Feathermoon Stronghold

Shakkuu, Elenyah and Hanthelia were happy to see the demon hunter again and looked forward to hearing what he had to say. Everyone knew that Grievis was quite a bit older than the rest of the guild, so he was assumed to have quite a bit more information on how things used to be. Even the younger remembered that Feathermoon Stronghold used to be on an island, but was later moved to the mainland due to the destruction caused by the Cataclysm.

Walking on Bridge

There were quite a few other observations Grieveris made about Feralas and his life before becoming a demon hunter. The friends stopped by the giant fortress of Dire Maul, where queen Azshara had done her magical experiments 12 000 years ago… They were overwhelmed!

Walking in Feralas

Grieveris also told his friends how he had spent some decades with the local bear populations. He was glad to see that the bears were still there. Losties were intrigued! Grievis had been a druid in his previous life and explained a little about how he had become a demon hunter and what it takes. It had obviously been a big change and the others were curious about it, although, surprisingly, Grievis claimed he had stayed quite a lot like himself. Keeping a balance came naturally to him, whereas other demon hunters were consumed by rage and seemed to be a bit bitter towards those who were not willing to make the same sacrifice.

Bear Watching

The Losties were pleased to hear Grievis seemed to appreciate the ways of the Order of the Lost and would be happy to invite more like-minded demon hunters into the guild!

September 9, 2016

Shakkuu’s Mysterious Egg

The friendly paladin, Shakkuu, invited his guild to Stormwind to help him solve a problem. Grieveris, Elenyah and Hanthelia met Shakkuu in the park. While the friends were discussing the current situation with recruiting, Elenyah noticed someone watching them. The curious pandaren was called Xiandu and she was quite promptly invited to join the Order of the Lost.


After the sudden recruitment, it was time for Shakkuu to lay out his problem. He and his girlfriend, Lily, had had a big fight, which had resulted into Shakkuu being kicked out. While on his way out, Lily had given him an egg and told him to show some passion to it in order to figure out what happens to an egg when shown enough passion to. The message sounded quite cryptic to the Losties as well, but some ideas started flying around right away. Shakkuu was told to try and hatch it, and when nothing happened, Grieveris suggested the egg should be brough to an even warmer place. The friends made their way to the nearest pool of lava.

Hatching an Egg

Shakkuu tried to get the egg as close to the lava as he could and eventually, tossed it completely in. It worked! A cute little drake hatched from the egg and Shakkuu named it Denny. Everyone thought he was the cutest little thing! The Losties provided the drake with some wolf meet, since wolves seemed to be wandering around the area. While feeding Denny, Shakkuu remembered Lily also mentioned something about night elves and nurturing… His friends figured that perhaps Shakkuu’s lady was in the family way and perhaps taking care of Denny was a test of some kind.


Nevertheless, the little dragon got itself dirty and needed a wash. The talk of night elves made people think about moonwells, so the next stop was the nearest moonwell in Duskwood. Denny was a bit shy about going into the glowing water, so Shakkuu took his skirt and shoes off and followed the little drake into the water. The drake was shimmering and suddenly there was a bright beam of light that blinded everyone (except the demon hunter Grieveris) for a moment and then the friends saw Shakkuu riding a big dragon!

Baby Grew Up

It seemed like Shakkuu’s nurturing efforts had paid off and Denny was suddenly fully grown. Losties moved away from the moonwell and kept thinking about Lily’s message. It still didn’t make sense. The best guess was still a pregnancy, but somehow that didn’t seem likely. Denny seemed to be most interested in the pandaren, Xiandu. While the friends were discussing, Denny suddenly got on his wings, threw Shakkuu off his back and flew away.

Out of Control

His friends comforted the paladin and said the dragon was probably alright, being now fully grown. Still, they recommended Shakkuu went and talked to Lily. They also suggested bringing gifts!

September 4, 2016

Fishing in Uldum

It had been a while since the last fishing trip of the Order of the Lost when guild leader Hanthelia invited everyone to Uldum. Shakkuu, Thagn and Grieveris met in Ramkahen and made their way up stream along the river. They found a nice fishing spot where the water ran rapidly.

Fishing in the River

The others were getting to know the new recruit, Thagn, when suddenly a figure emerged from the water. She was a night elf named Elenyah. Losties built a fire to help her dry herself. Since the guild was in the process of recruiting new members and one thing tends to lead to another, it didn’t take long for Hanthy to recruit Elenyah. All able bodies are needed to fight the Legion!


Thagn was kind enough to delight his new friends with a story of the events that he had mentioned already when first meeting the guild. His gnome friend had been kidnapped and he used some questionable and sneaky methods involving a pink dress in getting him back… The others were intrigued and Thagn was pronounced an excellent story-teller!


After all the excitement of the story, another figure appeared, this time from the forest. It was an acquintance of Elenyah, Corellan. Without further ado, he was also recruited when the guild leader found out that he was a good fighter. The rest of the evening was spent getting to know each other.