August 20, 2016

Meeting New Friends

Order of the Lost had been looking for new members for a while already and advertized the guild in the Alliance cities. As it happened, a few new recruits came to Hantitia’s tailoring shop wanting to join the guild. Luckily, former guild master Shakkuu happened to be at the shop when they appeared, since Titi was far too busy with her customers to instruct the possible recruits on who to contact.


The first new recruit to appear was Thovolir. Shakkuu and the friendly dwarf discussed for a long while and even stepped outside, so Shakkuu could show Thovolir his gryphon. It seems gryphons were a passion and a retirement plan for the new recruit, who was happily welcomed into the guild.


The next person looking for Order of the Lost was Tealuna. Again, Shakkuu discussed with the druid for a while and Titi even made her a couple of new shirts and some pants to go with them. We all need comfortable shirts under our gear! Tealuna was pleased with the clothes and tried them on right away at the shop.


As said, it was quite a busy day and all kinds of customers and characters came into the shop to buy clothes and ask for help. One of the people requiring assistance was Morganette. She had lost her panther cub and stopped by the shop in search for it. Later, she also came in to tell Hantitia that she had found the cub. The Losties were pleased.


After a busy day of recruiting, Shakkuu decided to head to Old Town for a drink. As it happened, also guild master Hanthelia was there sipping some wine. What made it into an even bigger coincidence was that they both ran into Grieveris, a demon hunter they had fought together with during some of the recent demonic invasions. Since the guild had recently lost its combat officer, there was a vacancy that needed filling by a competent fighter, who could help the guild prepare for the upcoming challenges, and who better to fill the position than a demon hunter. Grieveris was happy to join the Losties!

August 15, 2016

Site improvements.

Just a quick post to let you know that our website/forum will be undergoing changes. Things are still working, and you can go about your business. But a new model is being discussed by leadership. We’ll keep you posted.


August 5, 2016

Busy Day at the Tailoring Shop

After a well-deserved summer holiday, Hantitia Jenkins was ready for action! And by action, she means tailoring. It was time to get busy at Canal Tailor and Fit Shop. Some changes were inevitable, though. Titi got herself a new shop boy, Noctix, who came recommended by Effexx, the previous shop boy. They got along quite well, apart from Noctix’ chatty nature… Some things are better left unsaid when dealing with customers!


It turned out to be a busy day at the shop. Hantitia’s cousin Shakkuu came to hang out at the shop, but also quite a few of colourful characters stopped by as well. Titi caught one of their eye and the admirer kept coming in… When the man realized Titi was married, he stopped showing up, which was probably for the best. Another interesting encounter was with a gentleman couple looking for wedding outfits. Unfortunately, they got into an argument with each other and left quite quickly.


The last customer of the day was also the happiest customer. The older gentleman came looking for a shirt and was so pleased with the orange mageweave shirt, which Titi custom-made him, that he wanted to sponsor the shop! Hantitia was quite touched by his generous donation and welcomed the customer to come visit the shop again. He promised to do so.

Mageweave Fan

What a successful first day of business!