February 18, 2016

Fishing Trip to the Garden of K’ure

After adventuring and drinking, it was time for relaxing in the company of good friends – a fishing trip! Effexx, Shakkuu, Vaalur, Hanthelia and Gauke met in the Garden of K’ure, near Shattrath.

Flexing Effy

The Losties fished, joked around and laughed. The recent events concerning a tavern trip to Ironforge and the result of the love letter delivery were discussed. Hanthy was clearly unimpressed that there was no big romance on-going in the guild. The guild leader was trying to find out if there was anyone special in Vaalur’s life, but she was disappointed. The draenei announced that he didn’t want to get married!

Gogo’s Raft

But at least there was Gauke, who is happily married to Nymkje. The gnome couple had special plans for the love festival. Too bad the others seem so unlucky in love. Shakkuu was especially tormented by his recent failed relationship with the pandaren lady. It was suggested that he might be cursed! Val promised to help out and create a potion to lift the curse.

Garden of K’ure

Shakkie had heard that there might be some potions laying around, waiting to be “borrowed” in a castle in Silverpine Forest. The friends decided that they had had enough fishing for one evening and jumped at the opportunity for some action!

February 11, 2016

Drinks in Ironforge

As a thank you to her brother and his friends solving a problematic situation of hers, Ayamey invited them to have drinks with her. She chose a tavern in Ironforge hosted by the clan Firebeard. Effexx and Shakkuu were happy to join her.

Drinks in Ironforge

On her way to the tavern, Ayamey met a human called Delvin. He turned out to be quite aggressive through the course of the evening… Where does she find these guys?! Luckily, this time Ayamey wasn’t interested in the strange man, so there probably won’t be a situation to solve later.

More ale!

Effy, Shakkuu and Aya had a good time at the tavern. The bartender, Danagas, (who turned out to be the owner of the establishment) was very friendly and brought the friends drinks and good food. It’s not easy running a small business, so the Losties promised to recommend the Firebeard’s tavern to anyone going to Ironforge. The friends will surely come back!

February 7, 2016

Undelivered Love Letter

Guild leader Hanthelia asked for the guild’s help in delivering a letter. This easy-sounding task wasn’t so easy when there was no real name on the letter, only a nickname. The letter had found its way into the hands of the night elf due to Order of the Lost being mentioned on the envelope, along with a nickname “Red”. Hanthy asked all the red-haired members of the guild, but no one confessed to being the “Red” in question.

Hanthy’s cottage

Shakkuu, Vaalur, Gauke and Effexx to the rescue! The matter required some hastiness, since the content of the letter referred to the upcoming Love Festival and a meeting that should take place then. Hanthy’s only lead was a red-haired dwarf she had recently met and so she sent the Losties to Lakeshire, Redridge Mountains.


The friends first tried the inn in Lakeshire and as it turned out, they were in luck and found a red-haired dwarf! Her name was Thanger (as Hanthy had told them) and she wasn’t easy to talk to… It didn’t help that Shakkuu’s explanation of the situation was somewhat complex and the dwarf lady didn’t like the way he looked. She was quite taken by Gauke, though… In the end, Effy had to step up and confront Thanger. Even though the letter wasn’t for her, she did have an idea of who the letter was addressed to. A young woman named Aya, who liked the company of men and could quite often be found in one of the taverns in Stormwind City…


It was as Shakkuu feared, the young woman was his little sister, Ayamey. When the Losties found her at the tavern in Old Town, she admitted the letter belonging to her, but she didn’t want it. Effy scolded her for lying to Hanthy, but still the worgen had the nerve to ask for a favour. The sender of the letter (a man named Fenk) had tried to reach her with several other letters, but they had all been unanswered by her. She wanted the guy to finally get a message: she was not interested! Naturally, her big brother was eager to help and along him, the other Losties. The friends made their way to Stranglethorn Vale.


Again, the right person was found at a tavern, this time in Booty Bay. It didn’t take long for the Order to figure out which one of the men was Fenk, as the tavern was full of taurens and trolls… The sleezy-looking human was trying to chat up a lady, as Shakkuu went to confront him. The big brother took his task seriously and tried to scare Fenk into backing off, but it was not necessary. Based on what the Losties saw and heard at the tavern, Fenk had already moved on to his next lady friend. The mission was completed and all that was left to do was to tell the hopeless romantic Hanthelia that there was no happy ending this time.