January 30, 2016

Lost in Highmaul

The combat officer Effexx gathered the Losties together to cause some mayhem in Highmaul. Gauke, Shakkuu, Vaalur, Hanthelia and Meldric followed the fearless lead of Effy into the ogre city.

Effy Leads

There were some difficult obstacles and fierce fights, but the Order of the Lost prevailed. Some of the ogres were unusually large! But as they noticed, no ogre was too big to be defeated by seamless team work from the guild.


The friends didn’t see the whole city this time. The good fight will continue on another occasion.

January 10, 2016

Canal Tailor and Fit Shop Open for Business

The guild had not visited Hantitia’s tailoring shop since the warlock had returned to work after her maternity leave. It was time to mend the situation! Shakkuu, Effexx, Gauke and Nymkje decided to visit their friend.

Canal Tailor and Fit Shop

Hantitia was happy to get some visitors, since it seemed to be a slow day. Nymkje was in the market for a new dress, so she wasn’t purely just visiting her friend. Titi was pleased to show the gnome lady her new brochure that included some new outfits made from the materials of Draenor vendors.

Satisfied Customer

Eventually, Nymkje found a dress she wanted and Titi had it in just the right size. The little customer was pleased to receive the guild discount on her purchase. Since there were no customers, Hantitia decided to close the shop early and join her friends for a drink in the Old Town. It had been a while, since she visited a tavern!

Shakkuu on the Pull

The tavern was somewhat busy and it wasn’t long until Hantitia noticed a lady standing by the bar, looking around the room. For some reason, Titi thought that the lady was checking her cousin, Shakkuu, out. The paladin didn’t need much persuasion to go up to the lady, buy her a drink and invite her to their table. Shakkuu was successful and his friends got to meet Elle as well. She didn’t stay for long, as she quite soon noticed her friend, a large male worgen, entering the establishment and left with him. Oh well.