December 28, 2015

Traditional Winter Veil Party

As it was already a tradition, the new guild leader Hanthelia couldn’t even imagine not celebrating Winter Veil with Order of the Lost. She invited the guild to Coldridge Valley, Dun Morough. Winter Veil should always be celebrated in snowy surroundings! Nymkje, Gauke, Shakkuu and Effexx joined Hanthy by the campfire.

Winter Veil Brew

The guild leader had brought some brew with her and also some presents for all. Hanthy had taken a bit of trouble to find something suitable for each of her guild members. The gnome couple was happy to received their gifts: Nymkje received a trembling darkstone that Hanthy had bought from a vendor at the Darkmoon Faire and Gauke got a salt shaker for his upcoming steak house he plans to open with Vaalur.

Winter Veil Magic

The big softy, Shakkuu, got a well-loved toy and the engineer Effexx received a mechanics publication written in binary code. But these were not all the presents handed in the evening! Shakkuu gave his cousin a tasty cupcake as a thanks for the present. Also the gnomes had gotten fun gifts for all! Nymkje gave her friends some transmorphic tincture that changed their gender for a while. Losties were brave and tried the potions. Gauke had made some personal holograms for each of his guild mates and they were a lot of fun too!

By the Campfire

The evening was filled with laughter. The friends shared their plans for Winter Veil and took some time to pat their new pets that had followed them to the party – a little goat and a raccoon. Happy Winter Veil to all!

December 19, 2015

Drinks at the Tavern

Losties hadn’t visited the taverns of Stormwind City in a while when the new guild leader, Hanthelia, invited her guild into Old Town for drinks. The idea was to have a relaxing evening together. The friends met at the bridge leading to Old Town.

Meeting at the Bridge

Effexx made some comments about Shakkuu’s choice of clothing. The paladin was wearing a lovely, yellow dress (or a robe, as he called it). Shakkuu told the others he had received the dress from his mother, but later claimed it was a lie. Who knows what the truth is, but at least a drunken soldier took quite a fancy to Shakkie, most likely due to the dress.

Shakkuu’s suitor

Hanthy asked Gauke and Vaalur about how their steak house plan was progressing and all the Losties were pleased to hear the restaurant was already being built. They had found a suitable location at Yrel’s Watch, Nagrand. Again, their friends offered their services as test customers.

Drinks at the Tavern

The evening progressed with lively chatter. Everyone was relaxed and the tavern was busy with other customers. A successful evening for the Order of the Lost!

December 4, 2015

Guild Leader Hanthelia

Ymkje had come to the decision of passing the guild leadership of Lost Order to Hanthelia. Everyone agreed that Ymkje had done a great job! She was excellent with the books, so as her first task as the new leader, Hanthy asked Ymkje to continue the book-keeping. Ymkje graciously agreed. Goasse, Effex and Shakku congratulated them both!

At the Cathedral

The Losties have all the faith in Hanthelia and her diplomatic skills acquired as an ambassador for Alliance. Hanthy promised to take good care of the guild and try and form new alliances and recruit more people. Lost Order has great plans for the future!

New Leader!

Best of luck to both Hanthelia and Ymkje in their new roles!