November 14, 2015

Fishing in Talador

During her travels, Hanthelia had found a nice lake with a pier on Duskfall island, Talador. She invited her friends from Lost Order to come fishing with her.

Gathering by the Pier

Valur, Goasse, Shakku and Effex joined Hanthy for a fun evening of fishing. They were accompanied by a couple of pets: Val’s lizard and Hanthy’s newly found bird. There were some concerns that the lizzard would eat the bird, but the draenei was certain it would not. Everyone was therefore able to relax and enjoy the evening.

Fishing in Duskfall Island

Fishing was quite successful. Goasse even had a raft with him, so he could catch the fish further away from the pier. Everyone caught many fish, except Effy, who only sat while the others fished.

Goasse’s Raft

After fishing, some dinner was had and the discussion turned to Valur and Goasse’s steak house plans. Their friends were still expressing every support and wanting to serve as practice customers. Perhaps the plans will soon come true!