October 11, 2015

Fishing in Swadowmoon Valley

Lost Order is back! After living a more quiet life for a while, most of the Losties have now made their way to Draenor to fight the good fight. It was time to get together and catch up. Hanthelia chose a lovely fishing spot by the lake and was joined on a fishing trip by Valur, Shakku, Goasse, Effex and Welgar.

Valur and Goasse had been in Draenor for a while already. They had built strong garrisons and recruited people. Even though Valur had been given the title of the guild master, he had passed it on to Ymkje. The others were pleased, as they knew Ymkje to be a strong character. She is currently in Ironforge raising funds for Lost order’s campaign in Draenor.

Shakku had experienced a great love with his Pandaren lady. Unfortunately, there had been some troubles too and the two of them were currently on a break. Shakku was given time to think and was encouraged to search for answers in Draenor. What the questions were, he was not sure… Hanthelia had been living a quiet life as a farmer and taking care of her new nephew. Effex claimed to have been asleep.

The friends were extremely happy to see each other again and to catch up. The evening went by fast, but plans were made to meet up again soon. Valur and Goasse were thinking about opening a special steak house in Nagrand and their friends gladly offered to test their concept.