June 14, 2014

Blackwing Descent

Losties made their way to the Blackrock Mountain in search of a fierce dragon hiding in it. Their mission was to defeat several dragons, in fact. The way into the depths of the mountain was not easy. There were many beasts to battle.

Blackrock Descent

Valur, Goasse, Fenx, Effex, Hanthelia and Shakku fought well and made it to the dragon’s lair. There were two dragons: Onyxia and Nefarian. They were no easy targets, but in the end, Lost order prevailed!


Since the night was still young, the friends decided to do some more good at Throne of the Four Winds. The Lord of Air, Al’Akir, was tormenting people and the Losties succeeded in putting a stop to it.

Throne of the Four Winds

There was certainly a good cause to celebrate after such a successful evening!

June 1, 2014

Fishing in Arathi Highlands

During their last get-together, the Losties decided to go fishing soon. It didn’t take long at all for Hanthelia and Effex to invite the guild to Arathi Highlands. Goasse, Shakku and Valur met the nightelves at the Refuge Point, from where they headed for the coast.

Fishing in Arathi Highlands

They caught many fish on a pier near a quiet village inhabited by dwarven farmers. It turned out that also Effex had a place close-by in the mountains. Although his friends asked for a tour, the sneaky elf declined. No one was surprised. Fenx was not able to make it, but he sent Hanthy some goodies to share with their friends – a real Pandaren feast!

Pandaren feast

Everyone enjoyed the meal and sent their thanks to Fenx. After some more lively chatter, the evening was rudely interrupted by an enormous tentacle! The Losties were astonished. Luckily, the thing didn’t seem hostile. It turned out it was just one of Effy’s science projects…

Tentacle attack!

For next time, the Losties decided to do some good. A great battle lay ahead of them!