May 29, 2014

Old Friends Together Again

It had been a while since anyone had seen Hanthelia, Effex or the former guild master Shakku. Their friends in Lost Order had been wondering where they were, but trusted that they were able to take care of themselves. When the time for a reunion came, Goasse and Valur were overjoyed to meet their old friends in Stormwind City. They brought a new guild member, Fenx, with them to the meeting by Olivia’s pond.

Old friends at Olivia’s pond

Soon after they all gathered by the pond, it started to rain. The friends moved to a more sheltered place under a tree and started a campfire. Each of the missing guild members explained where they had been. Effex claimed to have not been anywhere. His evasive behaviour gave his friends reason to believe he had been in jail, which wouldn’t be a surprise… Still, the rogue admitted to nothing. Hanthelia had concentrated on a more quiet life at her cottage near Dolanaar. She and her daughter had started up gardening and enjoyed their relaxed way of life. After a while, however, they decided it was time for some action!

By the campfire

Shakku’s story was more romantic. Before disappearing, he had shared with his friends the new-found love to a pandaren woman. Unfortunately, the woman’s mother had not approved… Shakku had been under her spell for months! When he was finally released, he couldn’t find his beloved. Shakku was a man on a mission! His friends offered to help him. Hanthy suggested she used her diplomatic skills in the matter and the others agreed it was the best approach.

Goasse the Noodle Chef

After a while of lively chatter, Losties got hungry. Luckily, Goasse had just the thing: noodle cart! The gnome prepared a truly magnificent feast of pandaren cuisine for his friends. Everyone was happy to be friends with such a skilled chef!

May 26, 2014

The battle axe

Goasse was in need of a new battle axe, his last one shattered when he hit the hard skull of a stone giant. Fenx offered to lead him to a place where a particularly fine axe was to be found. Valur was in the mood for some adventure and wanted to join the fun. So the three of them travelled north, across the sea to an island of bloodelves.



The elves had built an amazing city, with pink and yellow trees, floating objects and buildings like strawberry pies.
They entered the biggest of the buildings, and discovered it was infested with evil demons of the worst kind.


In the middle of an encounter with a huge red demon, Fenx en Valur were suddenly teleported to another dimension where an evil shadow attacked them. A mysterious human with blue hair appeared, and helped them deal with the shadow.


With the shadow gone, they were teleported back just in time to save Goasse from being roasted in a lava pool. The tree of them defeated the demon, but alas, he had decided to equip another weapon for this day and they found no axe on him…