December 13, 2013

A fine evening

On a fine evening, Goasse, Neona, Jeriah and Valur were having a good time fishing. To their surprise, a long lost member showed up! Naridar was happy to join the fishing and the friends exchanged stories of the old times. At this point, the latest Lost Order recruit Aquan arrived. She had heard of the famous fishing meetings and wanted to participate in the fun. She was more than welcome!

After a good bowl of noodle soup, it was time for some exercise.┬áThe Mantid were trying to break open the Gate of the Setting Sun. Lost Order couldn’t let that happen!

A huge flea-like creature was attacking the rampart.

With the help of the cannons on the wall the Losties managed to shoot a hole in the creatures head.

The friends immediately jumped down to take advantage of the weak spot. Even so, the battle was by no means easy.

Ultimately the monster was defeated. Another resounding victory for Lost Order!

December 1, 2013

Mogu’Shan Palace

Goasse and Valur took their friends Jeriah and Neona to Mogu’Shan Palace.

After Lost Orders last visit, the place had again become infested with Saurok and Mogu, and needed to be cleared.

A particularly nasty Saurok tried to eat Jeriah, needless to say it didn’t succeed.

The throne room was guarded by an even bigger Mogu than last time. Even this giant was no match for the four Losties.

The friends were glad with their victory and celebrated with the traditional Lost Order victory dance.