October 27, 2013

Fishing Trip

Still confused about his recent and unexpected promotion, new guildmaster Valur decided to organize a fishing trip. Nothing works better to calm the nerves than staring at a peacefully floating bobber, preferably in good company. Neona, Jeriah and Goasse also felt like fishing and so they got together at the lake in Stormwind.

While enjoying the pretty view of the city, they decided that Mudfish is best consumed with lots of beer and garlic. Goasse prepared the catch and everyone agreed that he did a very good job.
After the meal more serious business was discussed. New campaigns and the recruitment of members are both high priority issues.

Jeriah suggested several catchy phrases to be used in the next recruitment endeaver. Neona was keen to help out the Pandaren. All in all, Lost Order is brimming with initiatives for the future!