May 17, 2013

Fishing Fun in the Jade Forest

It had been a while since Lost Order had gathered together without a specific purpose. Goasse and Ymkje felt like fishing, so they invited their friends to join them in Sri-La Village in Pandaria.

Effex, Shakku and Hanthelia were happy to see the gnome couple. The evening was lively and the friends caught many fish. There was also one crab – Simon. Hanthy had been busy with pet training and battles recently and brought her most fierce champion with her. Effy was teasing poor Simon and got snipped. The others figured it served him right.

There was a lot of discussion about the Mantid and especially the Klaxxi faction. Goasse had made their acquaintance and naturally, Effy was also familiar with them (who didn’t the sneaky elf know?). But there was more to talk about than politics. Shakku shared some information about his latest conquest: a pandaren lady called Lily. The relationship had started in some dangerous circumstances and had continued slightly odd and obsessive…

Losties had a lovely time catching up and taking it easy. Until next we meet!

May 8, 2013

Easter Bunny Hunt, part n

It was that time of the year again and Nuenein was excited! He wanted to continue his quest to find the Easter bunny. So, naturally, he invited all his friends to Shattrath City and told them about the places he wanted to check this time. Valur, Rhanwen, Hanthelia and Eerulia were game.

This was the first time Eerulia met Nuenein. The newly-found priestess was eager to try and help the somewhat simple elf. She did a healing spell, but it didn’t work. Still, there might be something that could be done one day…

First, the hunt took the Losties to Auchindoun, Terokkar Forest. There weren’t really many things that could be interpreted as some kind of clues about the Easter bunny. The priestess came in handy here as well and the friends were able to communicate with one of the spirits wandering around. The bunny was not there.

The second place Nuunuu had heard about was the Shattered Halls in Hellfire Peninsula. What a quest… Losties had to go through slimy sewage! Hanthelia wasn’t happy about getting her dress dirty. For the third time during the evening, Eerulia had an idea. She levitated Hanthy across the slime, so the hunter’s robe was left clean and tidy.

Finally, they came across an orc that Nuunuu seemed to think was the Easter bunny… Obviously, he was hostile. Lost order was victorious against the orc, but Nuunuu was left upset. He was comforted by his friends and luckily, it seemed the elf had finally given up on his quest. We’ll see…