April 2, 2013


After Eerulia’s recent return from the dead, things hadn’t been all that great for the priestess. She had caught up with friends and Penance had been kind enough to tell her all that she had missed. But one person was missing – Effex. For some incomprehensible reason, he had avoided Eerulia.

Eerulia invited her new friends to Stormwind city to discuss the matter with them and ask for their assistance. Losties couldn’t understand Effex’s behaviour, but were keen to find out what was going on with the peculiar elf. Eerulia told Goasse, Valur, Hanthelia and Nandy where to find Effy (she had been following him).

The friends entered Bizmo’s Brawlpub inside the Deeprun Tram and found Effy competing there. After his match, the rogue spotted his friends and could guess what they had to say. They said it anyway and the situation escalated into quite an argument. Hanthy was appalled that Effy would stay away from the woman he loved. Effy explained that he wanted to give Eerulia some time to return back among the living. Since both Effy and Hanthy had previous experiences on people returning from the dead, they had quite strong opinions. In the end, Effy stuck with his decision on how to handle the situation, even though all his friends tried to make him come around.

There was nothing more to do, but to return to Eerulia. The friends decided to try and break the news to her gently, but there was no need. Eerulia had been at the pub wearing a disguise and heard everything. Her new friends comforted her and told her that Effy would soon come around, according to his plan.