March 28, 2013

The Isle of Giants

Warlock Nandina Cooper invited Lost Order to meet her near the Zouchin Village, Kun-Lai Summit. Something terrible had happened: Her minion, Akky, had been taken from her! By questioning some of the trolls in the village, she found out that a sorcerer living on the Isle of Giants might be able to help summon Akky back.

Goasse, Valur, Effex and Hanthelia lent a helping hand. Most of them had never been to the island in question, so it was a unique opportunity to see the place and its wildlife. And quite a mission it turned out to be. The wildlife were no ordinary critters, but gigantic dinosaurs!

As usual, Losties prevailed and managed to make their way through the island. The friends tried to avoid disrupting the dinosaurs, but battle could not fully be avoided. After a while of searching, Lost Order found the cave they were looking for.

Inside, they found the troll sorcerer. He wanted bones as compensation for his assistance. Luckily, there were plenty of dinosaur bones lying around, so the friends were able to gather the sufficient amount. The sorcerer told Nandy what to do.

Apparently, it wasn’t possible to get Akky back the way he was. Nandy’s demon had evolved into a slightly more fierce being. Losties were in awe after the successful summoning. Nandy was overjoyed to get her minion back!

March 12, 2013

Rescuing Eerulia

Lost Order was on a mission again. A strange and mysterious one – it was initiated by Effex, after all… Goasse, Hanea, Shakku and Valur came to Darnassus to meet with Penance, but instead they found Effex. After a quick meeting under a bridge, they discovered that Effex had locked Penance into his own house in an attempt to seek secret audience with the rest of the guild.

As usual, his friends were eager to help, although they didn’t quite understand the rogue elf’s agenda. Losties followed Effy to a moonwell, where he mixed some water into the potion he had made earlier. He gave the potion to Valur, a fellow-alchemist, along with some instructions. The Losties were to travel south, to a big lake and lure a spirit they would find there into the water and use the potion on him/her.

Effex did not follow his friends. They walked south until they came to the Pools of Arlithrien. Right away, Hanea spotted a spirit on one of the rocks. It was a night elf lady. She noticed Lost Order and came by. She seemed to recognize Shakku and after a while, Shakku also remembered her. The guild had been here before. The spirit was Effy’s long-lost lover! Excited about the mission-at-hand, Losties didn’t try and lure the spirit, but explained that they were there to help her and she volunteered to go into the water, so Valur could pour the potion on her.

And it worked! The lady became more clear, not just a shadow anymore. She was confused at first, but soon the Losties were able to explain some things to her. Her name was Eerulia and she was a priestess in Darnassus. It seems she had been “gone” for a while, since she didn’t recognize the draenei race. After this discovery, Hanea tried a different approach and asked Eerulia if she knew Delaelah Eagleheart, Hanthelia’s aunt. And indeed she did! Finally, they found some common ground. Eerulia also knew Penance and without further ado, the Losties decided to take her to Darnassus to talk to him or Delaelah, so they could better explain what had happened to her and what she had missed.

Effex had instructed his friends not to tell him what happened at the lake, but they decided against it. Hanea was to go tell her mother the whole story and hopefully, Hanthy would be able to know how to best handle the situation.