February 27, 2013

A Great Victory!

Combat Officer Effex led his fellow-guildies into the Mogu’shan Palace to face the evil weaponmaster Xin. It took a considerable effort to make their way into the main hall of the palace and face the master. The battle was not easy, but Goasse, Shakku, Valur, Hanthelia and Effex returned victorious.

Congratulations Lost Order!

February 16, 2013

Fireworks in the Forest

It was the time of the annual Lunar Festival, so naturally the Losties joined the celebrations in Moonglade. After a quick stop at the festival grounds, the friends decided to move their party somewhere a little more quiet.

Goasse, Chiras, Effex, Hanthelia and Shakku started a campfire and drank some ale telling stories about the generations before them. Some of the stories were touching, some funny. It was a typically heart-warming evening of friendship.

The evening ended with Effy’s magnificent fireworks display. The festival ground also had their own fireworks, but Losties agreed that they got to see the superior show in the middle of the forest.