January 25, 2013

Lost Order and the Sea Monster

During their previous meeting, Goasse had told his friends about his recent meeting with a nice pandaren at a seaside town in Krasarang Wilds. He invited his friends to see the lovely little town and do some fishing. Hanea, Effex, Shakku and Valur were delighted with the place. They saw the funny side of pandaren while investigating the fishing town.

Goasse introduced his friends to the sea captain he had met and then they did some fishing. The friendly gnome told the stories he had heard about a sea monster living in the islands to the South. Losties were excited and wanted to try and find the beast. A real sea monster! Since the fishing didn’t seem to be very successful, especially for Hanea, the friends decided to go for a sea monster hunt.

Lost Order took off and flew around the Southern Isles in hopes of finding a sea monster. After a while, their patience paid off. There was a huge crab-looking thing on one of the small islands. The friends approached quietly and carefully, but it didn’t help. The hostile creature attacked. Poor little Hanea got scared and hid in a bush. Naturally, Losties were victorious, but it was a hassle to try and find Hanea afterwards…

Young Hanea received quite a scolding from her godfather, Shakku. She was told not to leave his sight again. Naturally, Effex blamed the guild master for the incident and made fun of him the whole evening.

Losties felt like some relaxation after their ordeal and flew to a quiet mountain top up North. The now over-protective Shakku turned into his dragon form and carried little Hanea around. The friends enjoyed some ale together before heading home.