December 29, 2012

Another Year of Friendship and Joy!

Lost Order found it important to always celebrate the last event of the year, Winter’s Veil, together. This time, they got together on top of a mountain in Kun-Lai Summit, Pandaria. Shakku, Goasse, Ymkje, Effex and Hanthelia were happy to see each other.

As per tradition, the friends shared gifts. Shakku was responsible for the drinks of the evening. Goasse gave his friends lovely wine glasses to drink from. Hanthy gave her fellow-guildies something her sister had made, silken shirts. Titi took it as her mission to always make something as a Winter’s Veil gift for her friends.

The friends sat by the camp fire and shared their new hobbies and memories of the year. Some of the stories were too wild to be mentioned here… Later in the evening, the friends played with the inky oozes provided by Ymkje.

Happy Winter’s Veil to everyone! Safe travels for the New Year!

December 29, 2012

Promoting Lost Order and the Tailoring Shop

As the year was coming to an end, Lost Order thought that some recruiting might be in order. It would be fun to get some more people in the guild for the new year! They decided to combine guild promotion with promoting also Hantitia’s tailoring shop.

Losties took a turn around the Trade District in Stormwind City calling out to the public and then settled into the Canal Tailor and Fit Shop to wait for the customers and the possible recruits to show up. They certainly got customers, but unfortunately no new recruits.

A pandaren gentleman came to look for some new clothes as his old ones had gotten too small… He was so happy to get some lovely new outfits and ended up buying quite a few items. Not all the customers were as pleasant. A most difficult woman came in to look for a bargain. She bought a chocolate cookie (Titi gives one for free with every purchase) just to get another one free…

The last customers of the evening were five night elf brothers. They were hoping to get some festive clothes and Titi was happy to supply them with five sets of second-hand tuxedos. The brothers were very pleased.