November 29, 2012

Meet the Tendersnouts

As per Hanthelia’s request, Lost Order met with the pandaren couple to show them around the human capital. Goasse, Valur and Shakku spotted them easily on the bridge to the city. Hamaka and Dajari Tendersnout introduced themselves to the guild and were greeted kindly.

Guild master Shakku led the way. The first stop was Stormwind Keep and the impressive library. Other interesting places to see were the cathedral, trade and mage district. In the cathedral, Shakku and Valur explained a little about being a paladin, since the class was new to the pandarens.

After all the walking around, the new friends were invited to a tavern for a pint of ale. The married couple eagerly accepted the invitation, as Dajari was a big supporter of the liquid. There, the Tendersnouts revealed a little more about themselves. They weren’t actually from Pandaria, but from the Wandering Isle. The Losties found the history of the pandaren quite interesting.

Their ancestors being explorers, also Hamaka and Dajari wanted to explore the new world. Well, new to their kind. They found Lost Order to be a nice group of like-minded friends and decided to join. They were welcomed with open arms.

November 14, 2012

Racing in Nagrand

It was time for some fun! Guild master Shakku invited Lost Order to Nagrand to spend some time together doing something a bit different from great battles – racing. The friends met up in Telaar and flew to the race track Shakku had set up in the air. This was a race with flying mounts.

Shakku, Hanthelia, Goasse, Valur and Effex chose the flying mounts best suited for them. Some mounts were more traditional than others. Some even mechanical! The race was very close. Actually, so close that there was no clear winner on the first round consisting of three laps around the track.

Effex and Valur had to compete against each other on the final round. In the end, it was Valur, who was victorious. His prize was a tasty cupcake. Everyone cheered and then settled down to have some ale together.

The race made everyone thirsty!

November 11, 2012

Secret Assignment

Lost Order met with Effex’s associate at the Kota Basecamp, in Kun-Lai Summit. Shakku, Hanthelia, Goasse and Valur were curious about the stranger, but couldn’t get much out of him. He was a night elf called Wolfe. After a few questions unanswered, they decided to trust him, since he was Effy’s friend.

Wolfe led the friends deep into the mountains and finally to the Valley of Emperors. Losties were alert, although they didn’t come across anyone. Also, the cave they went into seemed deserted, apart from the strange statue that seemed to move. Especially Goasse found it quite spooky! But the statue was irrelevant. The medicine shipment they were looking for seemed to be in the cave and Wolfe got the hold of it…

Wolfe was going to take the shipment to Effex, but the Losties remembered Effy’s advice that they should be the ones giving the shipment to him. Wolfe didn’t want to hand over the medicine, so the friends barricaded the entrance to the cave. It was a tense moment!

It all ended well, though. Wolfe was actually Effex in disguise. His friends were a little puzzled, but naturally the sneaky elf had many aliases… So, Effy got his shipment and Losties got their adventure.