October 14, 2012

Hanthelia’s Garden

Hanthelia invited her friends to come and see her garden, which was an allotment near Halfhill, Valley of Four Winds. Goasse, Valur, Rishi, Effex and Shakku were eager get to know Hanthy’s new hobby better. The elf was pulling weeds when her friends arrived.

Hanthelia was growing cabbages at the moment. She explained about the allotment and how everyone was eager to help one another. The other gardeners were mostly pandaren and as an ambassador for Alliance, Hanthy was convinced they would be a nice new ally.

Effex was kind enough to prepare a pandaren banquet for Lost Order. The food was lovely! Losties fell in love with the tastes of the new continent. They discussed the possibility of a new ally and the situation with the Horde. Effex also shared the outline of a new assignment he had received in Kun-Lai Summit. Conflicting interests prevented him from handling the situation alone, so he needed the help of Lost Order. Losties were a little puzzled at first, but agreed to help their friend.

The evening ended by the campfire. Losties would wait to hear from Effex’s associate regarding his assignment.

October 7, 2012

Celebrating Brewfest in Pandaria

Just like many other adventurers, Lost Order found their way to the new continent to explore and fight the good fight. When Brewfest started, the friends decided to meet up by the Tavern in the Mists and celebrate together. Shakku, Goasse, Effex, Valur, Hanthelia and the new recruit, Rishi, made their way to the mysterious tavern.

The old friends were happy to see each other again and they gladly welcomed Rishi into their midst. Everyone was eager to learn more about Rishi and introduced themselves to him. Hanthelia told the others about her new hobby – gardening. She was persuaded to invite everyone over and Hanthy promised to do so.

The evening progressed with good ale and excellent company. It was only Goasse, who had a little too much to drink, but even he could find his own way home when it was time to leave. Enjoy Brewfest all!