June 23, 2012

A Big Sale

After recent festivities in Azeroth, Canal Tailor and Fit Shop had acquired quite a few second-hand tuxedos. It was time for a big sale!

Hantitia had her hands full attending to her customers’ needs. On top of people looking for a bargain, there were a few customers with bulk orders. The evening flew by! Lost Order joined in the event by accepting donations to the orphans in Stormwind city. Some generous people appeared, but also a couple of troublemakers… Luckily, Effex was there to maintain peace and order.

A few guild mates stopped by as well. As mentioned already, Effex and Shakku were there from the start, but also Reitse, Ysildiel and a new member, Mirla, made an appearance. Mirla had chosen the path of Light, so she and fellow-paladin Shakku had a lot to talk about. Shakku was very eager to offer his guidance to the attractive young lady.

June 1, 2012

The Hunt Continues

Nuunuu was at it again! Undeterred by the failure of the previous hunting trip, Nuenein was determined to find the elusive Noblegarden rabbit. Effex, Goasse and Valur gathered in Netherstorm to hear what the deranged elf had in mind this time. They expected some hare-brained scheme to find that which exists only in the imaginations of children and the simple-minded… and they were not disappointed. After the previous trip, Nuenein had spoken to his mother about his mission and received new clues. What is an egg that is also a box?

Nuenein was convinced that the rabbit would live inside an egg that was a box. With the sounds of collective sighs and gauntleted palms hitting faces, Losties entered one of the vaguely circular floating “boxes” in Netherstorm.

Inside, Losties found draenei architecture, many blood elves and strange pink boxes. The Noblegarden rabbit remained hidden, in spite of Nuunuu’s many efforts to find it hiding in one of the see-through containers. Ever the optimist, Nuenein led his friends – who were in equal parts amused and desperate – to the next floating egg. Therein, Losties encountered more strange inhabitants, but no rabbits. That is, until they reached the end.

It had bunny ears, it was massive and it looked cuddly! Nuunuu rushed in to introduce himself to the Noblegarden rabbit. However, as anyone with more sense than an old boot could have told the enthusiastic elf, the creature in front of them was an ambulatory tree, not a massive imaginary rabbit. Disappointed but still determined, Nuunuu bid his friends good night and promised to return with new clues. Perhaps the rabbit needed a place where he could practise hiding eggs? Losties could only groan in anticipation.