May 5, 2012

Secret Mission

Lost Order was happy to hear from Goasse, who had been sent on a secret mission. Effex, Shakku and Hanea were eager to find out what he had been up to and where he had been. The guild met at Goasse and Ymkje’s house in Ironforge. The gnome warrior told his friends that his mission was in Northrend and requested for their help.

Naturally, they all wanted to help and so the party took a boat from Menethil Harbour to Howling Fjord. After their arrival to the town of Valgarde, Goasse explained his mission a little better. He had been in Howling Fjord all this time, trying to establish a relationship with the vrykul through diplomacy. It was the wish of several Alliance races to form peace with the vrykul and start trading with them.

Goasse showed his friends around by visiting several camps in the area. Shakku thought the surroundings were dangerous and transformed into his dragon form to safely carry his goddaughter, Hanea, on his back. The scenery was lovely! The party stopped at a nice hill bank to have a barbeque and some pie Ymkje had baked.

Their final destination was Fort Wildervar. Goasse and Ymkje showed their friends into a house – a house they had rented for a year! Ymkje was going to move to Northrend with Goasse for a year to support him on his mission. She was able to continue her mage studies anywhere, so it was an easy decision.

Lost Order wished all the best for the gnome couple in their new adventure and promised to help them in all ways they could!